• Knew Me Better: '(

    I really shouldn’t live like this, hating my life,
    But there is something about him, makes me sick
    I really like him, but I hate him at the same time.
    Then my “friend” doesn’t help, lying to him.... more »

  • Living Pain

    As we walk through the street, hand in hand
    My heart races whilst I think what to say
    But, when my time is up, and I have nothing to say
    I feel ashamed, embarrased, and I suddenly realise... more »

  • Love Is Weird

    Listening as my heart beats
    Only when I am with you
    Varying amounts of heat
    Echo through my veins... more »

  • Me

    When we were walking down the old dusty lane,
    I could hear my heart beating beside me,
    Wishing is not enough, but still I wished I was somewhere else
    .. With someone else... more »

  • Thin Lines

    Love – Magical and overwhelming
    It can hurt you so much,
    Or leave you with the best feeling in the world.... more »

  • Us...

    Life is tough; I know that better than most people.
    Just because you have hit a rough patch,
    You expect me to be coming crawling back to you
    As if I have no better way of spending my time.... more »

  • Whats The Point?

    Whats the point? - Chasing dreams?
    How can you ever reach what you want?
    You'll just be living in pain
    Everyone around you will be out having fun... more »