• 3 Ways To Look At Truman


    Laying lazy and quaint
    Snoring a steady snore... more »

  • 5 Ways To Look Out The Window

    Blue sky’s, smiling at me
    The sun bellows into every inch of the room
    I’ll get some yard work done... more »

  • A Canine's Poem

    I hear him whine at two A.M
    Scratching and pushing on my door
    I have no choice but to invite him in
    And I know he won’t sleep on my floor... more »

  • Angels Poem

    Silently I wait above you
    Sitting, thinking, knowing why
    Since you’ve been born I’ve been beside you
    Wiping tears when you would cry... more »

  • Dad's Poem

    You taught me how to tie my shoes
    And that the world was round and vast
    You taught me how to throw a ball
    And to learn from troubled past... more »

  • Epiphany

    I had an epiphany about my Tiffany
    Last night while I rested my head
    I could never discover, one time or another
    What caused her to say what she said... more »

  • Escape

    On the pages I am turning,
    Through my mind these thoughts are burning,
    Like a little child learning,
    Never lost for things to say.... more »

  • How To Unwind

    Change out of those blue jeans
    Into your favorite sweatpants
    Plop down into your spot... more »

  • Mirror

    Look at me…
    Don’t turn away, you coward
    Look at me!
    That’s it; it’s just you and me now... more »

  • My Request

    When my eyes close
    And I’m laid to rest
    And pounds of dirt
    Sit on top of my chest... more »

  • Next To You

    My eyes drag open, at midnights dark,
    And there I am, next to you,
    In your face, I see a spark,
    Deep is the love I feel for you,... more »

  • Not Today

    I try
    I try to get up
    But why?
    I am too comfortable... more »

  • Older Siblings

    It’s strange to me how time changes things
    Differences turn to common interests
    Fights turn to laughter
    And the younger brother gets older... more »

  • Snowman

    I think I’ll build a snowman today…
    Yes, yes!
    A snowman that stacks high into the sky,
    Yes!... more »

  • The Sky

    As I gaze into the sky,
    Through the wind I see birds fly,
    I cannot help but wonder why?
    Where we come from; who we are?... more »

  • The Squeeze

    I can tug and pull them all morning long,
    Yet, sadly it's the same old song,
    You are my favorites, Come on just fit,
    We've been through too much for you to quit,... more »

  • To Cry

    Do not be afraid of tears
    They are natural and true
    They express emotions and make you see
    That your eyes know what to do... more »

  • To My Aunt

    An unmistakable laugh
    An irreplaceable voice that echoed through the house
    Remembering movies watched and late night snacks
    ... more »

  • Want

    I loathe the empty chair where she once sat,
    The wood and cushion that smile the empty smile,
    I can only sit beside the window now,
    Crestfallen,... more »

  • Want (The Second)

    Still I’m looking out my window,
    Trying to ponder “where did you go? ”
    I cannot feel the simple wind blow,
    Screaming softly; turned insane... more »

  • Who Are You?

    Tell me; let me know your secret
    Whisper to me in my ear
    What is it that makes you crazy?
    What gives you the greatest fear?... more »

  • Writer's Block

    What do I write about today?
    Because there’s nothing in my head,
    I put my pencil to the paper,
    But my finger movement’s dead,... more »