• Emo Love

    You saw me against the gray wall
    All alone hiding my sorrow
    You see the cuts on my wrist
    And asked what I've done... more »

  • I Think I'M In Love

    1. Let's commit the perfect crime
    I'll steal you're heart
    And you steal mine
    You have captured... more »

  • I'M Missing You

    All alone up against the wall
    I feel the pain inside of my wrist
    With my face tucked in between my legs
    My hair hangs low... more »

  • Lost In The Lies

    1. This to a boy
    who got inside of my head
    with all the amazing
    things he had said but once... more »

  • Love Is

    Love is always patient and kind,
    It is never jealous,
    Love is never
    Boastful or conceited... more »

  • Never

    Never say I love you...If you really don't
    Never talk about feelings...If they aren't
    really there... more »

  • Screen Saver Of My Heart

    1. I wish you realize
    the kind of pain i've been through
    every heart that broke mine
    overrated... more »