• Don't Love Me

    Why can't you not love me?

    It would be so much easier.... more »

  • Forever

    I want this moment to last forever.

    An instant of exciting uncertainty in the unknown,
    Now, when secrets still exist,... more »

  • I'm Going In

    I find myself in at the deep end,
    A bold one, but I just pretend.
    Now my feet are buried in the cold sand
    And I need your help to shake off this land.... more »

  • Let The Games Begin!

    Let the games begin
    Let's start a life together in sin
    Let's find Huckleberry Finn
    Let's forget about the discipline... more »

  • One Way Or The Other

    You believe we're all broken in one way or the other,

    That life can bring us happiness no further.... more »