I am of hispanic and asian descent, though my ancestors may be traced throughout Europe as well. Poetry is my art, without it life would be too heavy to carry. I share my soul with the people who read my poetry.
~Dark Blood


Dark Blood Poems

Sore Memories

Every time I thought about him my heart was torn to shreds,
My eyes repeatedly shed tears of sorrow.
I thought of hurting others so that I could feel alive.
But it didn't happen, my heart crumbled,... more »


My companion has no worries,
His eyes as green as grass.
His fur like velvet,
His nature kind.... more »


I cut myself, I sliced my wrist, and watched
it flow without a care.
No pain, no infection, only blood.
I watched it flow from my wrist, go down... more »

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Krista Churchill 19 Dec 2008 10:45
Dark blood is very good at writing keep up the great work Krista