• Betrayal

    ... more »

  • Blood....

    I cut myself, I sliced my wrist, and watched
    it flow without a care.
    No pain, no infection, only blood.
    I watched it flow from my wrist, go down... more »

  • Calamity

    The acts and follies of one man, scar and leave deep wounds forever in the bodies and memories of his children, and time itself.
    How does one react to the horrors of unknown sins?
    Such things would surely lead to madness.
    Both Oedipus and Jocasta were taken by death. Leaving their cursed sons and daughters in the sovereign, yet implacable hands of Creon, the king of a neighboring land. Poor dears…..... more »

  • Companion

    My companion has no worries,
    His eyes as green as grass.
    His fur like velvet,
    His nature kind.... more »

  • Confused

    Too many minds, thoughts racing through my head. Five souls, four taken one untouched. Forever calling I cast two aside three left. I throw shadowed webs at one that can never be there truly, two left. One was loved, the other does not know I exist.
    Not knowing which to let go, I toss and turn in and out of feverish dreams. Forever wandering alone. Walking forward looking but not actually seeing.
    Dreaming but not sleeping.
    Bleeding but not dying.... more »

  • Destiny

    Alone together in the darkness,
    I learned the meaning of your tears.
    I've taken a step toward my destination,
    but I don't want to hurt anyone.... more »

  • Distance

    I pull it around me like a cloak
    And watch you through its folds
    It muffles every word and gesture
    Every move I make... more »

  • One Who Is Dark

    I love him, I hate him
    Air of death, blade of agony
    My senses fail me when he draws near
    how to play a woman’s heart... more »

  • Rose

    Crimson petals, velvet skin.
    So shy, so quiet.
    Hidden within the shadows.
    Unoticed, untouched.... more »

  • Sore Memories

    Every time I thought about him my heart was torn to shreds,
    My eyes repeatedly shed tears of sorrow.
    I thought of hurting others so that I could feel alive.
    But it didn't happen, my heart crumbled,... more »

  • Soulless

    What are we really?
    illusions of an unknown world, so similar
    so strangely different... more »