• Birthday Wish!

    The moon is a loyal companion to the planet earth,
    It never leaves. It's always there, watching, steadfast,
    Knowing us in our light and dark moments,
    Changing forever but a necessary component,... more »

  • Difficult Proposition

    A girl called K, invited me today
    Her house is the only place that we can stay,
    Together, staring at each others eyes,
    Having some nervous laughs while I realise,... more »

  • Next Shore

    And Again Just like every other day,
    I was procrastinating like my mother used to say,
    “Son, look I love you and I hope you understand,
    That time is limited and you one get only one chance,... more »

  • The Tale Of Eli

    A small cry is all it took,
    As the world rejoiced, the world shook,
    A wondrous occasion to celebrate new life,
    Born under the star of Bethlehem of Jesus Christ,... more »

  • Turtle Man!

    Turtleman, Turtle man,
    Doing whatever a turtle can,
    Flying high, swimming low,
    Doing everything real slow.... more »