D DarkX 474 10/16/1996

I am a young poet, and most of my poetry will grow as I grow as a writer and a person. Some my poems may have seem to be dark and some may have been inspiring, but I hope that most my poems will be cherished and appreciated by many. I started writing poems when I was 6 years old, but I only released poems on the website when I was about eleven years old. I had struggle at young age about self-acceptance and of losing a father, who I never understood. Now, I am going to college in pursuit of finding my future. (Currently working on my biography)


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Life is on a string, it can go up, down, fall or it can break, but when we find our inner peace Life could balance on the string. -DarkX474
In all my life, I lived with ups and downs. But knowing that moments in our lives depend on how you see it, can prove that finding the good part of that moment can make you fell better.
What does not matter Will not reflect a shadow
Life's journey will have moments to bring your self-esteem down, but I learned that whatever I think should not matter will not effect my smiles.
No matter the color of our skins, we are still brothers and sisters.
Inspired by my life of how I wish we all stop judging, by our appearance.

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