• .should I?

    Should i rise today
    or just stay fallen?

    Should i breath right now,... more »

  • ~what Is?

    What is love?
    what is hope?
    what is happiness?
    what is friendship?... more »

  • A Gone Companion

    To hear you voice in the midnight hour,
    and to feel you presence around me;

    Is this punishment or are you haunting me?... more »

  • A Purest, Enriched Love.

    as delicate as a rose,
    as pure as the sun.
    My love for you burns deeply as the days ever so pass.
    Anything you say, anything you do, i will be there, forever in love with you.... more »

  • Always On My Mind....

    This feeling i have inside, i just simply cannot deny, this simple feeling i have is for you.
    Everday i see you, everyday i hear your voice, you romantic words sink in.
    Just with a hug, or just with a kiss, i get this feeling, this feeling of bliss.
    Oh if only, if only one wish, i could have you all day and give you many a kiss.... more »

  • Am I Just A Flower?

    Used only when wanted, givin away after.
    am i just a flower?

    People only use me, to make a 'big impression'... more »

  • Angels Gifts

    I give thee light and love,
    said the angel from above.

    I grace thee with romance and imagination,... more »

  • Angels Promise (The Masterpiece {short-Story} Of Love)

    He wakes up everyday, the sun comes up and the moon fades away.
    To him this is just another day, no time to talk, no time to play.
    He lives in a small little house, wanting to love and have a spouse.
    Instead he just sits away, praying for that marvelous day.... more »

  • Be Careful How You Use Me...

    I'm the one thats the problem?
    The one with center gravity? ?

    Ha!... more »

  • Beautiful Love

    Warm thoughts of you i dream,
    the tenderness of your heart surrounding me.

    Oh to lay in bed and think of you,... more »

  • But You Wish Of Me To Stay? ?

    To seek the truth within the darkness,
    it seeks a fate worse then death.

    The solemn reason we live,... more »

  • Casting Dreams

    I shall dream of you, in the whispers of the night.
    I shall think of you, in the moments of the day.

    My heart has cast itself upon you,... more »

  • Crying Under The Moon

    Bright 'twas the moon that night,
    with all the stars in the sky.

    I was all alone,... more »

  • D.A.R.L.E.N.E

    Dreaming in the pale moonlight,
    all around me i dream and ponder,
    real life fades, and becomes fantasy,
    love is here and i have my dear... more »

  • Deceit

    Crying in the corners,
    a heart full of shame.

    Once was a babe,... more »

  • Dreaming A Dream

    ... more »

  • Embrace

    Embrace thee in thy arms,
    fall into thy arms
    Come my magestic lover,
    come and embrace me atlast... more »

  • Gone

    I lay alone in the still of night,
    and i feel not you arm around me.

    All i feel are the cold-cold sheets,... more »

  • Goodbye Love

    Crying in the corners, curled up in a ball.
    Eyes of red, tears of dread, curled up in the corners.
    Waiting to be shot, or perhaps to just be loved again, just ever so lonely all over again.
    Heart broken in two, crying out in pain... more »

  • Guardians Of The Night

    Flowing in the wind, waiting at oceans tide.
    By the great moonlight, all the stars in the sky.
    Join together, now and forever.
    Mornings light ~ comes and goes.... more »

  • Haunting Memories

    Hearing the song of winters past,
    lies haunting memories.

    Across the sea of tears,... more »

  • Heaven's Love

    Heavens locket around my neck, symbol of eternal love.
    Fancy grace in thy arms, cherishly willing to hold.
    Eternal love so willing to give, offering in your presence.
    A dance to make, a flight to take, sweep me off my feet.... more »

  • How I Long For Thee

    when i think of you i cant help to stop and wonder,
    were we meant to be?

    my heart longs to know the truth,... more »

  • I Am

    i am...
    i dream
    i wonder
    i fanaticize... more »

  • I Love You

    So many words that one can say, not to just be with you another day, but to show you how much i care.
    If only i could show you how much i care. I would always be right there.
    I like your personality, your smile, love and care.... more »