I recently graduated from college and I am a very happy young newlywed. While life is most excellent now, my youth was very troubled.

I love to read and write, and hope someday to be an author. I very much enjoy poetry, but my real interests are in fantasy. I love reading and watching fantasy and sci/fi, especially while cuddling up with my husband. I currently work in landscaping with my husband. He is mostly in tree removal, while I mostly cut grass. We also dabble in real estate.


Darlene Walsh Poems

The Monster Beneath The Bed

What is that you're seeing
in the corner of your eye
Stealthful foot steps following
never passing by... more »

First Caress

In purity, from my heart and soul I quest
After long thoughts, to myself confess
From deep in my being, love shall I assess
With my whole self to him shall I express... more »

Last Trip

I was a full day dead and quite content
My last word and testament has been sent
I lay in my coffin as they passed me by
They walked past in silence, never asking Why?... more »

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Comments about Darlene Walsh

Bri Edwards 11 Aug 01:23
Thank goodness Darlene is back! I shall read a poem to savor her skills. bri :)
Khairul Ahsan 11 Mar 12:49
Very sorry to know of your husbands demise, Darlene, thanks to poet Bri Edwards. Hope you have recovered from the shock and doing well, with God's Blessings. My very best wishes for you and your children.
Bri Edwards 30 Oct 2017 02:01
Darlene is inactive on PH now, since her husband was killed*** nearly a year ago in an accident, leaving her with three little kids and a business to take care of. She wrote recently [after i inquired] that, with a lot of help from her late husband's parents, she is managing to care for herself, her kids, and her business. good luck 'Darla'. i liked your year-old 'Halloween' poem. bri :) Below i have pasted the poem she wrote following her husband's death. it has some typos, but i was NOT her editor for it. other than some typos from time to time, her writing is quite good, sometimes exceptional. ================================================ *** Winter's Heart - Poem by Darlene Walsh My heart is filled with winter And love can never again enter Forever more I shall be a lamenter Only pain has been left as my center I dared to believe that dreams come true The moments it lasted were just a few It was gone in a instant like sun on the dew For just the briefest of time we were two The evening sky was obsidian blackness Decembers's cold was showing its hardness I thought my love was safer than any fortress Life has again shown itself to be heartless A knock at the door and life came to an end At first I thought, 'It must be a friend.' At the sight of the badge, my heart did rend Into darkness I did quickly desend The words they spued I just couldn't bear How long did I just stand there and stare Till the words sank in and became a nightmare I think I collapsed but I was no longer aware My dream ended that obsidian night All that was joy became grim blight It was the end of all delight Life me hit again with spite I thought life had begun Now all was done Nowhere to run I was undone Nightmare Unfair Fear Tear Darlene Walsh Topic(s) of this poem: death Poems by Darlene Walsh: 64 / 65 « prev. poem next poem » Poet's Notes about The Poem Poem about the moment the police came to my door, and informed me my husband died in a car accident. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i hope Darlene continues to survive the death of her husband, and maybe even returns to action on PH someday. she is super busy now with 'life'. bri :)