• A History Of The Future

    Can you see what future's history will be
    Is tomorrow something that you can see
    What is it that the future can tell
    Or is it only what will be is what will be... more »

  • A Word Released

    A word released into the world
    Can bring truth from clear to swirled
    A word released when unaware
    Sent flying without thought or care... more »

  • Angels Weeping

    Angels weeping in the night
    People looking on in fright
    Tears falling at the sight
    In torn hearts does pain smite... more »

  • As Father Dies

    I look out of my front window pane
    And this I can see so very plain
    A picture of many colors I see
    Out in the street, what can it be... more »

  • As She Wrought

    She was dressed to the nines,
    And looking so fine.
    Searching each night
    For the perfect sight.... more »

  • Black On White

    The words were black sitting starkly on white
    They stared back at me as I read what I wrote
    But what did they really say, I wish I knew
    The words came from my head as I wrote them down... more »

  • Blue Sees A Bee

    I see a bee, I must catch the bee
    Bee is bug, all bug are for me
    Must get the bee, before it flee
    I chase it here, as you can see... more »

  • Blue Sees Another Bee

    I see a bug, is it a bee
    Darla has said no bee for me
    It is a bug, a bug for Blue
    But I was taught to listen to you... more »

  • Boulder In A Stream

    In the Big Apple I stand and see
    I must be invisible like a tree
    The flow of humanity wandering by
    They're all in a rush I wonder why... more »

  • Christmas 2014-1914

    A century ago today war was put on pause
    A trenched no man's land, a place of death
    Became for a day a place of peace
    How civilized a way for war's breath... more »

  • Commit

    Seen under starlight
    by dim moon light
    he is a precious sight... more »

  • Diploma

    So small a credential
    Acquaintances converged
    For me they are here
    My accomplishments merged... more »

  • Donate Today

    Crimson, crimson, flowing bright
    Giving is a blessed sight
    I'm here to give
    So that others will live... more »

  • Don'T Whisper To The Night

    It was late and turning gray
    And I was lonely that sad day
    There was a chill in the air
    A touch of magic that is very rare... more »

  • Eleventh Flag

    I parked the car between two white lines and looked out over the grassy field
    For Memorial Day in memory of the brave heros we planted eleven flags

    Barely a hundred stones, some flat markers, some tall monuments... more »

  • First Caress

    In purity, from my heart and soul I quest
    After long thoughts, to myself confess
    From deep in my being, love shall I assess
    With my whole self to him shall I express... more »

  • Gentle Venus

    Sitting on a chair of stone
    Feeling regal on a throne
    Really just a rocky slab
    With sharp edge into me does stab... more »

  • God's Kind Of Poetry.

    I was peeking from my cave one day
    And I saw a man coming this way
    I've known for long his name is Moses
    I heard it once as he gave his wife roses... more »

  • Golden Brew

    Golden brew, every day I start with you
    Golden brew, without you what would I do
    Liquid gold, happy am I, with you no rue
    Liquid life, strong am I, to myself am true... more »

  • Graduation Party

    A gentleman or so he seemed
    A graduation present was his need
    From me my cherry was his goal
    Given his way he would have stole... more »

  • H P Lovecraft

    If you Love the Craft of writing
    If stories keep your life exciting
    If mystery and horror are your tales
    With shivering spines and biting nails... more »

  • Half A Heart

    Why was I caught in your light
    My dim candle had become so bright
    And only you could fill my sight
    Giving all to you was so right... more »

  • I Am Death

    I work in silence
    I work with great noise
    I cause many tears
    I relieve all suffering... more »

  • I Can Tell

    I look into your eyes
    and I can tell
    by the sparkle
    by the little creases on the sides... more »

  • I Saw Him

    I saw him walking down the hall
    And he walked right into my heart... more »