• Damn Pen!

    Cursed pen.
    You lie silent refusing to put forth words.
    When my heart is so full and this leaf awaits,
    anticipating some dark saying forever recorded on your thirsty fiber.... more »

  • Glorious Sleep

    Glorious sleep, old friend.
    Your sweet aroma fills my troubled mind.
    You bring solace and comfort.
    You are the true reality because every waking moment is pain and darkness.... more »

  • Misery

    Come to me O misery, and I shall entertain you for a spell.
    You have been a constant companion all my days.

    I wouldn't want to deny you your joy.... more »

  • Rosebud - For Our Dear Son Seth Joshua

    There will be no curse for you little rosebud.
    You were planted in good soil, but you were born in heavenly.
    Thank God, you’ll never know the dryness of drought-filled days, you’ll never have to feel your bough bend in the windy storms and you’ll never have to fear your petals falling to the earth.
    The Gardener will take good care of you.... more »

  • The Healing Page

    Open page before me call forth the words from my pen.
    Words that exercise the darkest fears from my heart.
    Words tinged with pain, regret and despair.
    Not everyone will understand these dark sayings.... more »