• Alone

    Sat alone,
    Sat alone thinking,
    Thinking of days gone by,
    And how I’d try,... more »

  • Apart Of Me Has Died.

    The nights are cold and lonely,
    As I lay awake and think of you,
    I know it’s wrong to feel what I feel,
    But you said you felt the same way too,... more »

  • As We March To Drum ‘and’ Bass

    As we march on to the battle field,
    All in synchronised steps of war,
    Remembering the chants we sang,
    In the training we’d done before,... more »

  • Black Shadows

    In the graveyard I do walk,
    With black shadows by my side,
    Dead people walking next to me,
    Acting as my guide,... more »

  • Bright Light

    The doctors say the pain won’t go away,
    But they’ll try and help me so they say,
    So I have to take tablets every day,
    I hope they work soon and there’s no delay,... more »

  • Catacombs

    In the deepest darkest regions,
    In the catacombs of my mind,
    I search for you my inner ghost,
    But as I search your hard to find,... more »

  • Chains

    Am I awake or am I dreaming,
    In this tortured world of mine,
    Screaming and shouting out in anger,
    Mind always working overtime,... more »

  • Crimson

    In this unholy life of mine,
    Abused from the age of five,
    Now I’m not alive,
    I’m dead inside,... more »

  • Darkness

    Clouded vision,
    In life’s prism,... more »

  • Death

    Death, dead, dying, died,
    Buried, decomposing,
    Rigor mortis setting in,
    The coffin lid is closing,... more »

  • Death And Misery

    Why can’t life be simple?
    Who do things go wrong?
    Why the hell am I here?
    Why do I feel I don’t belong?... more »

  • Deeper Shade Of Black

    The walls in my room are a deeper shade of black,
    As I’m haunted by sick twisted flashbacks,
    I need an armistice,
    I need to put an end to this crisis... more »

  • Depression

    Depression is running through my head,
    These thoughts make me think of death,
    A darkness which blanks my mind,
    A walk through the graveyard, what can I find?... more »

  • Despairingly

    I stood before you and
    Despairingly cried,
    “I love you, damn it! ”
    But you just brushed me aside.... more »

  • Do I Die

    All the writing is faded,
    The name and the age,
    All the flowers are dead,
    It’s such an outrage,... more »

  • Elements

    All alone in the woods,
    With darkness all around,
    The rain is falling heavily,
    Splish splash on the ground,... more »

  • Eternity

    In a graveyard I did play,
    That was the place I wanted to stay,
    Stay with the dead night and day,
    So that all my pain goes away,... more »

  • Fear

    Living in a world full of fear,
    Nightmares haunt me day and night,
    Entities forever screaming,
    Pulling me towards the light,... more »

  • Follow Your Heart

    My heart aches, and I’m so confused,
    And In many ways I’m mystified,
    I feel like I’m been torn in two directions,
    And my tears won’t stop; I’ve cried and cried,... more »

  • Games

    Their playing games,
    Games with my mind,
    Searching for my weakness,
    Their terrorising the blind,... more »

  • Guardian Angels

    I sense you stood next to me,
    Anne told me you were there,
    I feel the warmth from within you,
    A feeling that you care,... more »

  • Guess What

    My suicide,
    My pain,
    My tears,
    They all laughed….... more »

  • Happiness You'Re After

    Love is love no matter what happens,
    People should be there,
    It's at times like this, the loneliness,
    People should show that they really care,... more »

  • Hell

    I'm trying to understand what's going on in my life,
    Whilst demons scream out their demands,
    Fighting feelings of guilt and self-loathing,
    Self destruction and harm are my only plans,... more »

  • Help Me

    Who are you?
    Where are you?
    Is this reality?
    Are you an entity?... more »