• I Drowned.

    I’m slowly been drowned by all my emotions,
    As your haunting voice instills me with fear,
    A tidal wave of shivers like a tsunami,
    Travel through my body as though you’re still near,... more »

  • I Love You Babe So So Much

    Babe you have so many things no one else will ever have.
    You have all my love – now and forever.
    You have my admiration – for being such an incredible person.
    You have my unending gratitude – for the way you brighten my life.... more »

  • I Was Only Three

    My name is Darren and I’m only three,
    And my eyes are swollen and I cannot see,
    I must be stupid and I must be bad,
    What else could have made my daddy so mad?... more »

  • In Silence

    Dreaming never ending nightmares,
    Forever screaming out in pain,
    Plagued by flashbacks of abuse,
    Images burned upon my brain,... more »

  • In Silence No More

    Aged 1
    Aged 2
    Aged 3
    Aged 4... more »

  • In The Mirror

    I’m sat there watching you,
    You’re sat on your bed,
    With crazy thoughts bouncing around inside your head,
    You look sad and depressed as you put a hand full of tablets in your mouth and take a swig from a bottle of Southern comfort to wash them down,... more »

  • Jenna

    I lay awake in bed at night,
    And listen to your screams,
    I hear your tortured tears,
    As you’re locked within your dreams,... more »

  • Kaleidoscope

    A friendship I thought would last forever,
    A friendship bound by many chains,
    A trust I thought would last for eternity,
    But within darkened clouds full of rain,... more »

  • Keep Searching Babe

    There are a million things I want to say to you,
    But Babe I find them hard to say,
    I’ve got a million kisses for your lips,
    That I want to give you every day,... more »

  • Lake Of Tears

    By the lake I do sit,
    My head held in my hands,
    Tears run slowly down my face,
    As I look at our wedding bands,... more »

  • Life’s Spaghetti Junction

    I see peoples faces as they walk by,
    I see them endlessly searching there minds,
    Searching for what’s buried deep inside,
    There thoughts been strangled by there binds,... more »

  • Loneliness

    Loneliness is like a cloud,
    Floating across the sky,
    Like a single tear rolling down a face,
    As someone starts to cry,... more »

  • Loneliness Is My Only Friend

    Walking tall but I feel so small,
    As I try to climb an invisible wall,
    I start to scream,
    As I fall,... more »

  • Luggage

    We need to close our eyes,
    And enter our own minds,
    There’s loads of excess luggage there,
    That we need to find,... more »

  • Mine

    Screaming out in pain,
    Trying to tell you how I feel,
    Trying to let all of you know,
    That the pain I feel is so real,... more »

  • Murder

    In my mind I see you,
    A wife, a loving daughter,
    Flash back images torture me,
    Of you laid there in the water,... more »

  • My Friend

    They say there’s a fine line between life and death,
    It’s like sliding down the sharp edge of a knife,
    Will we get there in one piece or more?
    Will we reach the end at all?... more »

  • My Heart Bleeding

    Drowning in a sea of sorrow,
    No more yesterdays or tomorrows,
    Living life day to day,
    Because the pain I feel wont go away,... more »

  • My Melting Heart

    There’s so many things that I want to say to you babe,
    But I don’t know were to start,
    And all the things I want to say to you,
    Come from the depths of my melting heart,... more »

  • My Message

    No one hears me, or understands me,
    Because I speak in silence,
    But I hope that someone will see my words,
    My message,... more »

  • My Tomb

    Where am I, “help, help” I shout,
    Nobody comes; there’s nobody about,
    It’s cold; it’s damp,
    I’m in a small room,... more »

  • My Tomorrows

    I have been abused,
    Had my trust misused,
    Trying to fit in on life’s journeys,
    I’ve cried a river of tears over the years,... more »

  • Never Meant To Be

    Staring into the mirror, vision blurred, coming undone, faces staring back at me, screaming, always screaming,
    Tears falling, shadows in front of me, totally insane, Bottle of pills, self medicating, face changing,
    Feeling of solitude, becoming numb, Misusing, still abusing, pacing, thoughts racing,
    Hearing voices in my head, telling me what to do, Feeling insane, can’t sleep,... more »

  • New Life

    Rain is falling, lighting strikes,
    It lights up the graveyard bright,
    Thunder roars above the clouds,
    The shadows will be out tonight,... more »

  • Now, Forever, For All Eternity.

    Sometimes it’s not enough just to say “I Love You”
    But when I say it, I mean it from the bottom of my heart,
    Because you’ve helped me through all the bad times,
    You’ve helped me through them all from the start... more »