• Peace

    I’ll take a rope and tie it high,
    No time for tears, no time to cry,
    In the other end I’ll tie a noose,
    And let it dropp so it hangs loose,... more »

  • Pick Up The Phone

    It’s a long, long road I walk alone,
    Waiting babe for you to phone,
    Tears running down my face,
    Head battered and smashed all over the place,... more »

  • Pills

    Can I communicate with my mind?
    Or with my mind talk to the blind?
    Do I see shadows standing there?
    If I do, do I care?... more »

  • Pit Of Suffering

    Disappearing into a vortex,
    Into a whirlpool of despair,
    My mind is forever falling,
    As I grasp for help but no ones there,... more »

  • Power Of The Mind

    Open your mind and explore its vastness,
    Into infinity and beyond,
    Thoughts rattling around in the emptiness,
    Separate entities not able to bond,... more »

  • Retribution

    What do you see when you look at me?
    Do you see what I see?
    Well do you?
    Fucking answer me,... more »

  • Scared

    I’m sorry Babe, I truly am,
    For the way I am sometimes,
    But I’m hurting deep down inside,
    Because I can’t read between the lines,... more »

  • Self Harm

    Misery, depression, anger and pain,
    Confusing emotions engulf me again,

    I try so hard to break free,... more »

  • Take Me

    Take me off too tranquil places,
    Quite and peaceful, no strange faces,
    Where my mind is free to roam,
    A place for me, a place called home,... more »

  • Tears Of Steel

    I’m sat in bed in the dark,
    And my eyes are trying to focus on things that aren’t there,
    While crazy thoughts bounce around inside this cardboard head of mine,
    Time after time,... more »

  • Tell Me

    Why do you look at me like you do?
    Why when I look do I see right through you?
    Your eyes have no pupil, there white like pearl,
    Just a small black figure, are you a boy or a girl?... more »

  • The Coffin

    There’s an eerie silence as I open the door,
    Then my footsteps echo on the stone floor,
    Stained glass windows all around,
    My heartbeats racing, will I be found?... more »

  • The Grave Digger

    Hear the spade as it enters the soil,
    The grave digger sweats as he toils,

    Six feet down into the ground,... more »

  • The Graveyard

    A cry for help that’s all I gave,
    I begged you for my life to save,
    I asked for help,
    No one was there,... more »

  • The Grim Reaper

    A problem shared is a problem halved,
    Or talking helps, that’s what they say,
    But no matter how much I talk,
    My problems never go away,... more »

  • The Hanging

    Walking around and around,
    Crazy thoughts racing,
    Mind over loaded,... more »

  • The Killing Of Innocents

    “HOLY WAR” that’s what they say,
    Suicide bombers murdering day after day,
    The killing of innocents,
    Women, children and loved ones,... more »

  • The Morgue

    It’s cold; it’s really cold,
    I can see my breath in front of me,
    The room is dim, really dim,
    Where the hell can I be?... more »

  • The Only Way Out...

    I can't take this life anymore,
    Because there's no one by my side,
    And I've noticed lately that my thoughts,
    My thoughts are all of suicide,... more »

  • The Reason

    You’re all that I could wish for,
    And as long as I may live,
    I promise you I’ll give you,
    All the love I have to give,... more »

  • The Willow Tree

    In the graveyard stands a willow tree,
    You can hide within its branches,
    And it will keep you safe,
    And it will keep you warm,... more »

  • Things That Make Him Smile

    He was asked to write a poem today,
    About things that make him smile,
    But there are only sad things he can recall,
    From his memories that he has compiled,... more »

  • Thinking

    Sat here thinking
    Thinking about life’s ups and downs
    And circus clowns
    Villages and towns... more »

  • This Is Home

    As the sky starts to darken,
    And night starts to fall,
    Its then I then hear the voices,
    As they start to call,... more »

  • Tick Tock

    Tick, Tock goes the clock,
    You’re watching it there on the wall,
    Time goes slowly for you now,
    Because soon it’s time for you to fall,... more »