• A Summers Dream

    The wolf howls, the baby cries
    The horses dance, the hero dies
    The trees are growing, the rain is falling
    The sunrise drowning, the angels swimming... more »

  • And Dearer Still The Angels Weep

    Laryssa Awakened by a dream
    Asleep beside a flowing stream
    The beauty ridden leaves of green,
    complete the magik painters scene... more »

  • Baseius' Temple

    My mind delivers me from the land of the living
    Ascending I am into the land of dreams
    Crawling into sleep through a tunnel of thought
    Resting as I get there beside the flowing streams... more »

  • Beautiful Sleeper

    I long await the last caress
    of a sleeping beauty
    Who's tender heart may call to me
    From beneath her veil of sleep... more »

  • Bi-Polar

    Life for me is waking up everyday afraid of my own mind.
    Fearing what pain I can inflict on myself unintentionally.
    Sometimes I think sanity is a concept made by crazy people
    In a despreate attempt to believe they're not crazy.... more »

  • Birth Of A Poet

    Beauty is a bird that Sings to the heart, while pleasing the eyes
    She refuses to be caged because freedom is her life blood
    Only can a free soul be truly beautiful, for limitations are
    clips to the wings of her slendor golden body of lust... more »

  • Black World

    I awake in darkness, warm and loving I am received
    I do not wish to ask why I am in this place; I am relaxed
    My mind lifts as if it were words on a page
    Floating concepts make their way to a soothing language... more »

  • Blanket Of Fire

    I am crawling into sleep
    Beneath my blanket of fire
    For this moment I
    Need shelter from the cold... more »

  • Celentia's Arena

    The priestess stands high above her city
    Holding a child to the skies so blessedly humble
    She whispers said spell in her cryptic language
    The baby stops crying as if touched by some spirit... more »

  • Creatures Of The Night

    I curb desire like a creature of the night.
    My thirst for freedom like the blood of a slave.
    I wear these chains sparkling gold and bright.
    I Fear the terror of my minds mass grave.... more »

  • Death Of A Martyr

    Among these eyes of mine does gleam
    The sweet memories of a dream
    Within the heart of my minds eye glows
    Upon my face the cold wind blows... more »

  • Herbal Mysticism

    Relaxation takes over me
    Euphoric impulses, O significant light
    I am covered in a blanket of warm darkness
    Underneath, security surrounds me... more »

  • Jacob Lewis (Part One)

    A man lived on the streets of town a man that we called Jake.
    I had never spoken to this man but a difference it would make.
    Jake always lived on James Street just past the corner of Burke.
    I always saw him sleeping there as I was on my way to work.... more »

  • Journey Into The Mind

    Quietly I wait with anticapation
    as the queen journies into the forest
    of thought to hunt the animal, she
    brings back an answer and we feast... more »

  • Judgements Rising To The End

    Time Winds Backwards as death preceeds birth
    Humans finally realize their place on this earth
    History repeats itself, a tale that time sadly tells
    Hate begins to spawn again and rings its ugly bells... more »

  • Kingsley Starlight

    O bright star; many a night has your light shineth
    down upon my smiling and twinkling eyes
    How hast thou broughteth me to lie upon
    these green pastures while my mind seeketh... more »

  • Lovers In The Mist

    Slowly the river flows to meet the sea
    and nobody asks why
    Children play by the river mouth
    and the dog sleeps in its home... more »

  • Loveth Thy Rose Petal

    The rose thorn pokes the finger drawing blood
    To Show that even beauty must be handled with care
    And upon this bloody finger, shall a kiss be placed
    To Remind us of the tenderness of Subtlety... more »

  • Moonlight Dancer

    Here's to you sweet moonlight dancer
    Let the music take you deep, deep into
    the caverns of your soul in your hunt for
    all that glitters. may you find solice in... more »

  • My Insanity

    I walk in darkness, blinded by reality
    I walk in fear, afraid of what may come to me
    I walk in agony, wounded by what was done to me
    I walk in shame, this world hates me... more »

  • My Sweet Girl Of Innocence

    So silent so sweet, I watch you sleep
    Like an angel upon a cloud your head lay upon a pillow
    Innocently you sleep the woman of my dreams
    My heart is yours forever and a day... more »

  • Of Our Poor Pathaetes

    As I hear upon these words
    I feel nothing words mean nothing
    to me just concepts
    Grave perceptions of the mind,... more »

  • Phantome Wind

    What mystic creature caused this mockery.
    Peaceful insanity hushed by quiet relaxation.
    My eyes cheated by some emerald green Fog.
    The lonely Flowers Wilt as Time must pass.... more »

  • Pitter Patter

    Dreams in a smokey form.
    Herb of mystical lore.
    Arms Heavy eyes Red.
    Peaceful Vision inside my head.... more »

  • Priceless Fortune

    I have seen the time
    I have seen the hour
    When love will blossom
    into a stream of life... more »