• Richer Be The Man

    To the mirror I shall take myself
    To the mirror the pressures will die
    As I see into the flame inside me
    And I feel the truth in my eye... more »

  • Spirits Walk With Me

    Do I find these spirits in mutany
    or shall I say for myself to free
    can the costs of the day trouble many
    For freedom we are charged a fee... more »

  • The Governmental Construction

    In the crystal fires red eyes gleam
    Behold the archeitects of the system
    Building with the stones of institution
    They build the pyrimds of control... more »

  • The Rose And The Diamond

    To The rose on my left
    And the Diamond on my right
    The waves of light offer
    To me their Aqquittal... more »

  • The Serpent

    Crowned king the serpant laughs
    His charm spoken through sharp teeth
    Whistling a familiar tune one that changed their eyes
    The man behind this mask takes freedom from life... more »

  • The Tortured Soul

    Why do I find myself in the shadows?
    Why must I creep in silent agony?
    Why must my dark mind be in utter blackness?... more »

  • The Unborne Soldier

    Walking silently to the river of thought
    carrying a mystic child
    The expecting mother
    Swaggers with intense confusion... more »

  • The Unseen Figure

    Silent screams in the darkness
    Screams of an unseen figure
    I walk forward and backward With every step
    Standing still at the mind's window sill... more »