Darwin Henry Beuning 29 July 1947

I was raised on a dairy farm in central Minnesota. Joined the Army at 17 and landed in Vietnam in May 1966. I later joined the Air Force and retired in 1990. I then worked for the Veteran's Administration in Salt Lake City, Utah for 18 years, retiring in 2009. My wife is from Thailand, we have been married 44 years. Along the way, we raised three children. I enjoy playing chess, writing poems and quotes.


Quotes (3)

There are no more jobs in America, only sentences, LIFE SENTENCES
This is based on my many years in the American workforce.
I was raised Christian, my wife was raised Buddhist, and our children 'CONFUSED'
My Thai wife and I have been married 38 years, during which we raised three children.
In each of us there is a poem and a song. For most, a poem that will never be written and a song that will never be sung
I am very grateful for poemhunter.com for allowing everyday people to express their themselves through poetry.

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Darwin keeps on writing just the same, through his various cancer treatments. I hope that immunotherapy is the final answer to the disease. Chemotherapy is too rigorous by far.
Prayers for our dear brother and friend as he begins his next treatment with immunotheraphy. Pray for strength and added years of good health. His poetry has touched this hectic world that we live in and has caused us to believe and not to faint. God bless you and shine down on you all your days.
Sir, in your long life you have many things, some of which are exhibited in your versatile verse and genuine quotes. I'm really, really impressed, they you painted pictures with your words. The word compliment seem to itsy-bitsy to evaluate the beauty of your poetry.....You are an amazing poet, zounds-rounds! My hat tips at your poetic antics!