• A Crazy Man

    The man in the poem is a real guy I see talking to the skies everytime I come home from school. He will sit on a bench and mumble and smile to the sky above. This inspired me too write a short poem about this man.

    The man he sits on the green public bench,
    His eyes all wrinkled his shirt all drench.... more »

  • City Stars And Scars

    The city skies were filled with stars,
    all gone by the lights of our man made scars.
    Each hanging precariously on stores and signs,
    We never look back what we've left behind.... more »

  • Seeds Of Pain

    Over the oceans my body lies,
    Above the water as it touch the sky.

    My soul is gone without her love.... more »

  • The Exams

    My hands all wet,
    My head in blur.
    As I awoke
    From this drowsy slur.... more »

  • The Eye Of Love

    Her eyes glittered as I kneeled down,
    My hands in my pocket my hand on my crown,
    And I asked her the 3 love cues,
    She laugh and smiled and said I do.... more »

  • The Raven

    With it's lustrous laminated feather,
    with it's mighty silver- black wings,
    With it's weathered and chipped beak,
    The crow perched high in his throne of twigs.... more »