• Love Is Evol

    You see all these couples talking about love,
    they say how wonderful, and all thy above.
    But why do i think of love with hate,
    this love that i feel, but denied by fate.... more »

  • My Ment To Be

    As soon as i saw you my search came to an end,
    As soon as i saw you i knew i had to be a friend.
    As soon as i saw you i wanted to know you,
    As soon as i saw you i wanted to adore you.... more »

  • My Season

    The green in the world, s burning
    but no smoke.
    The heat in the worlds ex-sterning,
    but no snow.... more »

  • Night Sky

    ... more »

  • One Of Those Days

    Its one of those days,
    Whens your minds a maze
    As your eyes a gazes,
    And all momentum escaped.... more »

  • Renovation

    At time it hurts, and feels unfair,
    your scared, as friends and family disappear.
    Some temporary, and others forever,
    as you slowly notice the tempest in weather.... more »

  • Tree Of No Light Life

    Tree of night.
    Tree of fright.
    See as this tree has, lost the need to fight.... more »

  • When Angles Fade

    You were high on life and alive in the soul but never showed,
    signs of regret in story's untold.

    Then what you did selfish and bold,
    did you think about the people you left silent blind broke and cold.... more »