• Explore Me

    You want to Explore me
    and I think that sounds nice
    But I'm not easy and I won't
    sacrifice... more »

  • Gone

    so many lines
    to you each time
    songs inside of songs
    and still i keep rolling on... more »

  • I Know

    I'm honest because that's all i know
    and i shouldn't tell you the half of it
    but it all comes spilling out
    and some how you... more »

  • Just Don'T Know

    Sad the memories
    in a lifelong conundrum
    of yearning
    I just don't know... more »

  • My Ears

    Well it's so well in here
    when your traveling through my ears
    imagine your breath kissing my thoughts
    don't know so much of anything anymore... more »

  • Once Again

    it's happened
    i was gone again
    in the distance that i had ran... more »

  • Once More

    not so much
    i never want to see your
    feel your touch... more »

  • One Man Circus

    So I never stopped loving you-not really-only got mad at me for not being able to make that leap of faith to you.
    So full of me I can be,
    with wires frayed and crossed circuits
    you'd think I was a one man three ring circus:... more »

  • Please Don'T You

    Shades of my past fade away,
    Old friends like horses which have
    grown wings
    Even discontempt forgets its meaning... more »

  • Sometime You'Ll Cry

    You know I know you like to
    get off on everyone else's pain
    that's why when you ask,
    'how you doing'... more »

  • Sunday Morning

    Just woke up to see the light in your eyes
    not too long ago we use to laugh until we cried
    but now the river is a ghost and my soul
    sings a song wrapped in memory... more »

  • Thorns Inside You

    Always there
    so many you hide
    Tread your petals
    just to find... more »

  • Those Closer Things

    be gone,... more »

  • What's This All About?

    One Wrong
    than 2 and 3
    Where do I Belong?
    Seems anywhere but here.... more »

  • Why Like This?

    How come it's like this?
    when words so large as love
    are thrown around like piss ants
    why do you do the things you do... more »