Dave (Dave C) Cvetkovic Biography

Born in Melbourne, My parents quickly moved to The Macendon Ranges for the quiet life. I grew up on a farm catching snakes and riding bikes. Those were the best days of my life, so far. I wish I sill had that farm. When i was 12 we moved closer into the town of Gisbrne, where me, my siter and brother went to school. I Ffound a passion for skateboarding and any other kind of boarding aswell as camping and the outdoors. Thats all my life consisted of untill iwas 19 20 with no direction except for sk8ing and partying. Thats when I found a love for writing and film, well I have always loved film I just didn't know I wanted to write scripts. Any ways 2 years later and I have almost completed a diploma in Prof. Writing and Editing. I have always been wild, young at heart and instinctual.
The universe is in our grasp if only we could see it as a whole consciousness from the same.