• A Tibetan Terrier Called Honey

    I came home tired from work and late
    And found we had increased by one
    A dog had fallen at our gate
    As for an owner - there was none... more »

  • African Hunting Dogs

    The hunting dogs less one
    Lay concealed in the grass
    Where had the one dog gone?
    -To find prey to harass!... more »

  • An Instant In Time

    Procrastination is the thief of time
    Impulsiveness may make bad decisions
    Hours passing are marked by bells that chime
    We imagine the future as visions... more »

  • Ascension

    The universe is running down
    From when it once did start.
    Here nothing lasts, what price renown
    When stops the beating heart?... more »

  • Autumn

    The holidays are over and now we’re back at school
    The days are getting shorter and it is getting cool
    The blackberries have ripened and harvest time has come
    The corn is cut and gathered for it is now autumn... more »

  • Bird Variations

    Masters of the air and also of the sea.
    Soaring high above or perching in a tree.
    Some go no further than one small patch of land,
    Others cross the oceans or barren desert sand.... more »

  • Blue Planet

    Our blue planet, special-unique.
    Goldilocks planet, home ground.
    Far into space telescopes seek.
    Nothing Earthlike has been found.... more »

  • Cheetah's Chase

    The sun shone down on the African plain.
    The trees and the grass were short of fresh rain.
    Giraffes munched slowly from tall thorn bushes.
    Hippos in the pool were hid by rushes.... more »

  • Coast Path

    Up cliff and down, turn right and left.
    Then out across the bay.
    Through wood and field, up rocky cleft.
    Follow the coastal way.... more »

  • Comets

    The moon orbits us as we orbit the sun.
    The planets do too and the web is spun.

    A comet is mostly out in the Kuiper belt.... more »

  • Cosmic Zoo

    Galaxies elliptical and spiral ones too.
    They're all just part of the cosmic zoo.

    Red giants, white dwarfs, blue stars are hot.... more »

  • Dinosaurs

    Before there were men, or monkeys or mice.
    Before the first cow, sheep or goat.
    When none of the Earth was covered in ice.
    When few creatures had a fur coat.... more »

  • Dreams

    In my dreams I could swim deep and fly high
    Unfettered by the bonds of reality.
    I could harness nuclear fusion and try
    To use it's clean power in every city.... more »

  • Eruption

    One day the volcano erupted without warning
    It continued all night and the following morning
    It shot out great flames and spat out ash, rocks and lava
    This flowed down the slopes to the cottages and harbour... more »

  • Friendship

    We are not islands unto ourselves.
    We all need to be part of the main.
    None of us learn much on separate shelves.
    With communication and sharing we gain.... more »

  • Green Botany

    How green grow the rushes oh!
    Red and blue light don't reflect,
    They power the plant to grow.
    Green does not, it they reject.... more »

  • Hell Gill

    By Carlisle flows the Eden river
    Which rises on Mallerstang hill.
    It’s lovely country for a caver.
    Where there’s a way I’ve got the will.... more »

  • Journey To Jupiter

    Three hundred feet high the rocket stood.
    All was quiet, the air was still.
    A massive column, but move it could
    It waited and waited until - - -... more »

  • Kayaking In The Seventies

    My 16 foot kayak is just 30 inches wide.
    Made of marine plywood and with lots of room inside.
    A kayak with a flat bottom is hard to capsize.
    To turn one way, lean to the other, the craft replies.... more »

  • Love

    Lonely, longing and in lust
    But needing someone I can trust
    Not just for a year or two
    But for my life the whole way through... more »

  • Magellan

    Magellan with five ships sailed south west past Brazil
    And Rio de la Plata to Puerto San Julian.
    Men who mutinied at Easter he had to kill.
    He overwintered there and thought out a new plan.... more »

  • Make Peace Not War

    There was a time when might was right
    When land was seized and peasants killed
    To stay alive you had to fight
    Just as your tribal leader willed... more »

  • Moon

    There's no birds or grass, animals or trees
    Volcanic lava makes up the dry seas
    The rocks do not change, there is no rebirth
    You're one sixth the weight that you are on Earth... more »

  • Mother

    Unselfishly to love and care for another
    From infant to an adult fully grown
    To nurture and protect makes a good mother
    To train and share with children of your own... more »

  • Rain

    Rain can come in torrents in showers or in spots
    It fills the streams and rivers in dribbles or in lots
    It soaks into the thirsty ground and makes the flowers grow
    It’s fairly warm in summertime but in winter we have snow... more »