• Amazing

    She always finds a way, to reach me on a dark day
    When there was doubt, she said what it was about... more »

  • Dove

    Let go of the past and feel the love...fly to new heights with the spirit of the dove
    Look up to the clouds and the nice blue sky...no more questions of wondering why... more »

  • 'Fatherhood'

    Hello father been a long a time, figured I dropp by with a little rhyme

    The boy you left behind was only three, now in the mirror man staring back at me... more »

  • Fight The Crave

    White lines, the powder flows...gone in an instant up your nose
    Needles drawn, a high no harm...gone in an instant in your arm... more »

  • Fuel

    There's only one thing that fuels my fire...not the want, the need, the lust or the desire
    It was always there even way back when...too young and unaware to realize it then... more »

  • Healing The Soul

    A place that was an act of sin...that's where it all did begin
    Head first in a battle of fear...wasn't ready for that type of tear... more »

  • Nomad

    Like a Nomad walking this land...days on end, I'll forever stand
    Along that land something to say...what makes others quit even on this day... more »

  • On That Night

    Do you believe in what's right, will you hold my hand on that night?
    The night of the death, when I take my last breath... more »

  • Open Thy Eyes

    Where will you run to when the stars come crashing down
    Live your life so free, but still you love to frown... more »

  • Out To Sea

    Things are ever changing in the tide, I'm not one to runaway and hide
    This current will take me many places, an open sea of positive faces... more »

  • Pain

    My heart is breaken, another piece of her soul has been taken
    She has done no wrong, to hear the pain of this unwanted song... more »

  • Protectors Of Love

    Protector of love, traveling thru this land
    Destroyer of hate, forever I shall stand... more »

  • 'Romance'

    Yes it's true, this soul believes in romance...the first kiss as well as to the last dance

    A path of rose pedals on the floor...she's the special one, not another whore... more »

  • Shadows Fall

    Shadows had been casted way back when, but the light will be there till the end
    Misery is not in sight, for the future brings a stronger light... more »

  • Storm

    My mind is cloudy, like a storm moving in
    Can't quite hear the thunder, that evokes from his sin... more »

  • The Past Is The Past

    Words of my soul, carry me to a better tomorrow
    No longer thoughts of the past, bringing on the sorrow... more »

  • What Is It My Friend

    What is it that disturbs you my friend....lean on me until the end
    What is it that wraps your thoughts of hell....tough to speak, you just don't tell... more »

  • 'Wise Man Once Said...'

    A wise man once said, stop living your life as if you are dead

    You have the power and strength in you, make the change so your world is no longer blue... more »

  • Words Of A Dolphin

    Destruction of the past, is what's taking place
    Looking in the mirror, seeing a different face... more »

  • You May Ask, I Will Answer

    You may ask, is his light and love to good to be true...I will answer, it's the real thing cause it erased years of personal blue
    You may ask, could he really have unconditonal love for another...I will answer, learned that all from a loyal and single mother... more »