DS dave sherratt 29 june 1965

caring cancerian. i love the english language, finding new words etc. the gothic style also fascinates me. some poetry is from passed experiences. bad relationship, friends passing away, suicide attempt in 2001.also known as shaggy, very long story.
i'm influenced by Freddie Mercury-Queen, Corey Taylor-Slipknot, Danii Filth-Cradle of Filth and Jonathan Davies-Korn. i enjoy reading others. down to earth kind of guy. easy going.intelligently crazy! !
42yrs old trapped in a teenage mind. dream is to be in a moshpit, when i'm 65, at slipknot gig. think i'm in touch with the many sides of me. dark, romantic, humorous and subliminal! !



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Love your hate poem. I can feel the venom