• Aesop Would Be Pleased

    This is a fable, yet the truest of stories,
    And yes, there's a moral to this allegory,
    Scientists in Athens had thought for a while,
    Who is the prettiest in all the Greek Isles?... more »

  • Ancestors

    Take a journey with our minds and time travel to the past,
    With our power of reason we see the way it was quite fast,
    The truth is prehistoric man was smarter than we know,
    This logical conclusion is not too hard to show:... more »

  • Grandaughter

    His property adjoins mine.
    We never talk, just nod at each other.

    He's weathered and torn from the years.... more »

  • Infinity

    Some people think that their physical uniqueness,
    Means the opposite gender has spiritual weakness,
    But men and women can't be the other's superior,
    Different, is all, which does not mean inferior,... more »

  • Space Queen

    Her girlfriends called her space queen, told me behind her back,
    But I saw right away, the character that they lacked,
    She said this, or she said that, whispers and silly giggles,
    Bat their eyes and tell me lies, beg attention with a wiggle,... more »

  • World's Oldest Profession

    You've heard some funny stories about a rabbi and a priest,
    This one includes an imam and it's wild to say the least.
    They called it Interfaith Discussion, to make it sound so wise,
    But it was just God companies set out to proselytize.... more »