• Afterschool

    Danger! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! its 2: 40 and i dont wanna go home.
    Lord knows i wanna go pro but,
    I wanna be a doctor saving lives,
    and making about 60 bucks an hour imagine... more »

  • Alexia The Break Up

    today i broke
    a young womans heart
    today i stole
    her everlasting joy... more »

  • And It Turns Out (Like Or Love Continued)

    FACE TO FACE..............
    How did that happen
    you made me change
    i lived up to my word... more »

  • Ashley

    ashley 17 yes you made my day
    around my age apart of staff
    beautiful smart and easy to talk to
    smile and body elegant... more »

  • Attitude

    look at yourself your great
    but why does no one like you
    attitude that is the key you
    fine you handsome your... more »

  • Big Kids

    weather 5,15,25,45,85, or 105
    your as young as you wanna be
    weather you like to eat ice cream befor dinner
    or cereal for dinner you might run around with... more »

  • Dare To Dream

    Dare To Dream of the Stars above
    Dare To Dream of Your own success
    Dare To Dream of what comes next
    Dare To Dream of all the love... more »

  • Death

    Death is like the weather
    Unpredictable and swift
    Her body was hallow as a tree... more »

  • Depressed

    darn! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    darn! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    darn! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    i took to long... more »

  • Experince

    if someone told you to jump out the window you
    wouldnt do it not because you thought it was
    stupid but simply because you learn befor that
    if you do your gonna hurt yourself or die so all im saying is try new... more »

  • Explain

    Explain to me why i have a crush on you.
    Explain to me why i never told you.
    Explain to me what should i do.
    Explain to me why all i think about is you.... more »

  • Fam

    ... more »

  • Fam The True Story

    ... more »

  • Fiver

    fiver fiver where art thou fiver
    friend to me
    individual to self
    valuable team player as a whole... more »

  • For Who Ever Nedds A Smile 2

    So Far So Good
    i made you smile
    it made me proud
    So Far So Good... more »

  • For Whoever Needs A Smile

    THIS is for YOU the one
    that needs to smile.
    Whether you're an
    outcast or most popular,... more »

  • For You

    This is for you im sure you would have
    known one way or another i heard one
    of your friends say i like you how true
    the words that she has spoken for i did... more »

  • Freestyle

    im not gonna go in cuz i dont need to be a savage
    but im rabid like wolverine smooth like the dairy queen
    got your girl creaming in her sheets whenever i speak
    got a voice like barry white. and ya girl, the only reason... more »

  • From The Depths

    i just experienced something so real
    From the DEPTHS of ones heart
    so pure so true the love from it
    how can it be that the uncorrupted words... more »

  • Gabby

    Gabby, Gabby, Gabby

    What more can i say.
    Beautiful indeed... more »

  • Heart

    you know im
    writting this poem
    and i do know
    why i know nothing... more »

  • Hey

    can you believe it a poem called
    hey. who does that? how
    do you do it write a poem about
    hey? this is how, hey how ya doing... more »

  • Hurt

    you are beautiful but why
    do i cry at night and day
    because you cheated on me
    you took my heart away from... more »

  • Jasmine

    Beautiful you were
    Beautiful you are
    Beautiful you will remain
    Beauty on the outside... more »

  • Jasmine 2

    Jasmine jasmine jasmine
    I’m waiting. i’m sure you
    Know because you are
    The reason I’m waiting.... more »