• 1966 (A Monologue)

    Everyone will have a year they never forget and for a number of reasons mine is 1966.

    I was 18 and King of the Hill in 66, knew it all, but knew nothing at all.... more »

  • A Kiss

    What is in a kiss,
    Body and soul, heart and mind,
    When lovers lips meet.
    Without that kiss emptiness,... more »

  • Addicted

    I am not in love,
    But I am drawn to you,
    Like a Moth to a candle flame.... more »

  • American Remembrance (An Epitaph)

    U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq. March 2003 to May 2007

    You did your duty,
    And paid the ultimate price.... more »

  • Bewitched

    We were loves young dream such a long time ago,
    A pretty young girl and her handsome beau.
    Just out of our teens and our lives all before us,
    Not a care in the world and so deeply in love.... more »

  • Britannia

    Britannia smiles o’er Lakes and Hills
    Such beauty never seen
    It takes your breath
    It makes you proud... more »

  • Coming Home (Brize Norton)

    The name Brize Norton just fills me with dread.

    When I see it on TV or hear on the News,
    Of another Plane landing with bodies on board.... more »

  • Crying Out

    I should be happy and I’m not,
    And I really don’t know why.
    I should be happy and I’m not,
    I really could sit down and cry.... more »

  • Divorce

    Decree Nisi, hearts gone cold,
    Irreparable damage done.
    Valediction of the relationship,
    Obituary of our love.... more »

  • Elegy To My Hero

    Regimental Sergeant Major James Corrigan MC,
    A regular Soldier in World War One,
    Was Mortally wounded whilst saving another.
    He got an appointment to see the King,... more »

  • Goodbye

    Your eyes said kiss me,... more »

  • Illicit Love

    Judged and found guilty and sentence pronounced.
    Life for the love I couldn’t denounce.
    Pure gentle and true, though tinged with blue.
    Is that such a crime, my love for you.... more »

  • Live, Love, Laugh.

    Live, Love, Laugh there may be no tomorrow.
    This thing I read and made me think,
    Of just how short our life is.... more »

  • Making Love

    First there’s the build up the tension inside.
    The feelings and longings you just can not hide.
    Weeks of waiting and wanting with cold lonely nights.
    For the warmth and the closeness that we feel tonight.... more »

  • Pretty Woman

    I don’t know your name but they call you Fawn,
    How that just fits your delicate form.
    I saw in your eyes the first time we met,
    That you were quite special and not like the rest.... more »

  • Spring (Haiku)

    Don’t cry, don’t cry please,
    Suns shining flowers blooming,
    Life’s worth living now.... more »

  • Summer Breeze (Haiku)

    ... more »

  • The Dream

    You came to me again last night,
    And in my dreams I held you so tight.
    I smell your sweet perfume and touch your warm skin,
    Your face so clear, your lips so near.... more »

  • The Stranger

    Your Suicide Note really tore at my heart,
    When I saw your picture and read what you said.
    It effected me deeply and I could not sleep,
    For thinking of you, not wanting you dead.... more »

  • Tribute To Trees

    From tiny saplings to giant trees,
    They stand all day and gently sway.
    They take our harmful co2,
    They give us the air that we breath.... more »

  • Welcome Home Soldier

    Brave Soldier wounded in Iraq,
    Lost his Mate in the same attack.
    Sent back home to the NHS;
    Military Hospitals all closed now.... more »

  • When I'M Sixty Four

    I got to thinking the other day.
    About you and me and senile decay.
    Will I still be red hot when I’m sixty four.
    Will you still turn me on as you did years before.... more »

  • You Got Mail

    Re, Re. Re, Re, Re, cant wait for the mail every day.
    Re, Re. Re, Re, Re, like a child on Christmas Eve.
    Re, Re. Re, Re, Re, eyes bright with delight I have one.
    Re, Re. Re, Re, Re, hungrily devour every word.... more »

  • You Got No Mail

    Go to favourites and click onto Hotmail
    Excitedly type in the password and wait
    Inbox says empty my spirits sink low
    Wanting you near me, waiting to hear... more »