• Proposal

    I found love when I thought it didn't exist. You showed me dreams are upon the wings of the hearts of those of truly believe, and for this, I seal my love for you with a kiss upon your sweet lips. And with every breath I breath, I pray to our heavenly father, that neither one of us would leave this union that is predicated on love, honesty, joy, compassion, truthfulness, honor, consideration and just a sprinkle of lust. I pray this prayer for us.

    You fill my heart with so much joy, I wake up every morning with a smile upon my face for it's your love that I taste as I look in your eyes and watch sunrise. I know there is no such thing as perfection but if it were, it would be you. Patience is a virtue, now I know and see because God made you just for me and I for you, as we are blessed and share a love so true.... more »