• At The Sheep-Dog Trials

    What ancestors unite
    Here in this red and white
    Kelpie to define
    His symmetry of line,... more »

  • Cat And Mouse

    Her green eyes change to yellow. This
    Is open season. In a glass maze
    Lovers play a cat and mouse.
    Good cat! He coaxes sparks from her fur.... more »

  • Harry Pearce

    I sat beside the red stock route
    and chewed a blade of bitter grass
    and saw in mirage on the plain
    a bullock wagon pass.... more »

  • Men In Green

    Oh, there were fifteen men in green,
    Each with a tommy-gun,
    Who leapt into my plane at dawn;
    We rose to meet the sun.... more »

  • Mothers And Daughters

    The cruel girls we loved
    Are over forty,
    Their subtle daughters
    Have stolen their beauty;... more »

  • The Stockman

    The sun was in the summer grass,
    the Coolibahs* were twisted steel;
    the stockman paused beneath their shade
    and sat upon his heel,... more »

  • To The Art Of Edgar Degas

    Beachcomber on the shores of tears
    Limning the gestures of defeat
    In dancers, whores, and opera-stars –
    The lonely, lighted various street... more »

  • Up North

    Oh, Bill and Joe to the north have gone,
    A green shirt on their back;
    There are not many ewes and lambs
    Along Kokoda track.... more »