• A Feeling I'Ve Never Experienced

    I've Never Felt this Way
    I can Feel My Heart Beating
    I Hear It
    It Feels Like She is Keeping me Alive... more »

  • A Seasoned Heart

    I could watch every moment of an Autumn sunrise
    Just for you I'd send my hope

    As a Winter snow might come and stay forever
    Her ice-blue eyes could send me home... more »

  • Back Away

    Visiblity. Low.
    I've Missed the turn.
    Swirving Nerves... more »

  • Catharsis At Jupiter

    Bend Back
    Shriek in Euphoria
    Pistols Fire
    Titans Clash... more »

  • End In Sight

    Lost once
    In one, luckily, sweeping ideal.
    Such of that golden, glistening fall
    One could find to weep.... more »

  • Grey Ocean

    While walking on her beach
    I met an Ocean
    This event will stay with me forever
    This is why... more »

  • I Leave For Home; I Leave The Blockade

    I've Come and Gone
    I've Seen You
    Your Eyes
    Back and Forth... more »

  • Loss Of Vortical Emotion

    Inside me, there's a deep need of you.

    Most don't see it.... more »

  • Meet Me

    Every Morning
    I Look Up,
    I See So Many Beautiful
    Sunrises... more »

  • My Jupiter Soul

    That ripple of horrendous candor
    Of crippling axioms
    That which pulls the trees to their knees,... more »

  • Now I'M Here

    I've Come Here
    To Your World
    In Search of the One They Call Sleep
    Of Breathing?... more »

  • Resting On The Great Red Spot

    I hear your tender silence
    I see your perfect form
    I want so much to meet you
    To feel your gentle presence... more »

  • Set Asunder

    How that wintered and western wind throbs
    To sing that same song that reminds.

    A song that, with all its grave notes, inveigles an ever-pressing solidity.... more »

  • Solar Conclusion; The One Truth

    Hell could,
    By having heard the clangs,
    Await thee.
    With breath all icy and eyes wide,... more »

  • Someday Soon

    Of shattered, once-shimmering dreams I speak.
    Her heart spread, breath intact. She beckoned and took.
    I, unhinged, am simplicity's not.
    Quickly realized hatreds brought to me more anger.... more »

  • Starving Of One

    As her sad, lightless night tunnels
    The rats scurry
    A southern gothic emerges of late
    With clockwork hinges and broken eyes... more »

  • This Distance; Dust In My Eyes

    My Blood is Becoming Slower
    But, I Feel No Different
    My Breathe is Thinking
    As if it Can't Decide... more »

  • Unbalanced

    My Brain is Ticking
    My Muscles are Contracting
    My Heart is Beating
    My Lungs are Pumping... more »

  • Upon A Star

    As this night (in terrible, lonesome ways) washes over my urban bough,
    To harmonized willows and painted sighs I do away.
    Are they, those reddened locks, truly so far?... more »

  • You Are Over

    Hush Now
    You Naive Beetle
    Watch Now As We Burn Your Home... more »