• A Silent Scream

    I woke up this morning,
    Understanding half of what I knew yesterday.
    I cannot face this dull new day.
    Is that what I am supposed to say.... more »

  • Another Time

    You say
    'Another time. Another place. We could be together'
    As the tears fall from your eyes,
    It seems to me you regret tomorrow...... more »

  • Did I Harden My Heart?

    Have you hardened my heart?
    Is my faith supposed to be this fragile, that a breath of wind could shred it apart.
    Or should it be as strong as the rock of Horeb, and life giving also.
    Do you want me assailed with doubts as I lie in the last watch of night,... more »

  • Empty

    No amount of tablets,
    no amount of booze,
    no amount of friends,
    no amount of love,... more »

  • Expensive Words

    The three most expensive words.
    'I love you.'
    Such a high price.
    Such a sacrifice.... more »

  • Final Dance

    Looking at my yestedays I just see tomorrows.
    As you walk away you have my heart chained down in sorrow.
    Saying that it's never you, it's always on me.
    Well tell me please.... more »

  • Forget-Me-Nots.

    Love stops,
    Eyes blacked,
    Love sacked.... more »

  • Forgive

    I forgive those that heckle and bay as I follow my faith.
    I forgive those that speak with a tongue that is fake.

    I forgive those that kept me shackled and bound in the dark.... more »

  • Friends

    Decisions can be tricky and hard,
    but I have found an easy way.
    It works for me it's like my personal guard.
    I just let my friends have their say.... more »

  • God's Eye

    I lie here in the dark,
    my gaze travels up to see,
    How far the light has dimmed.
    How far has God's eye turned from me.... more »

  • God's Speed

    A rock that held up the sky for me.
    A rock that showed all I could be.
    A rock that sheltered me from harm.
    A rock who's embrace was loving and warm.... more »

  • Heart Of Stone

    A heart of stone at times is the only way to open your eyes in the morning.
    This heart of stone can protect from the hurt, lies and deceits that are forever calling.
    The granite face that stands against that cruel master Father Time.... more »

  • Hourglass

    Cold eyes, cold soul.
    Time, just a way of knowing we will end.
    Old eyes, old soul.
    Time, just watching the sand descend.... more »

  • Humble

    I am not humble in my day to day,
    I sit amused watching life this mortality play.
    I can never understand all He wants to show,
    I look at His lessons and they seem high above on an unassailable plateau.... more »

  • I Am Chalk

    My life is like a game of pool,
    me being the chalk.
    And every game that people play,
    a little more of me is wore away.... more »

  • I Fall

    I sit here high in my tree.
    My gaze travels and far do I see.

    Murder makes headlines,... more »

  • I'Ll Be Fine...

    Watching the ice melt,
    in my whisky glass.
    Wondering in my drunken state
    'Who can I ask? '... more »

  • Kaleidoscope

    Close your eyes,
    look inside.
    Tell me what do you see?
    Colours moving in a kaleidoscope,... more »

  • Land Of Opportunity

    To be here feels so right to me,
    feels like a home I have never known.
    I walk the paths and nothing seems new.
    Just familiar, teasing, taunting, a subtle clue,... more »

  • Message

    That first look behind the deceptive drape,
    How have we become so desperate in need of escape.
    I see words falling from lips that shape lives,
    See the myths we use to protect our lies.... more »

  • My Sentence

    This taste on my tongue,
    it feels so unclean.
    Is it from the cup of The Enemy,
    the cup that smelt so rank.... more »

  • Of Love

    Kisses awaken me.
    I break the surface of my slumber,
    your face to see.
    Eye's that reflect my need.... more »

  • One Day

    I don't belong.
    How long has this gone on?
    I am nothing more than the winds faded song,
    the whiskey as it fades from the tongue.... more »

  • Pieces

    Twisting, churning, turning inside.
    Love, Hate, Revenge, Desire.
    All the pieces of my life lie shattered.
    Scattered to the winds of fate.... more »

  • Receipt

    Death is a receipt, for all the pain and suffering in Life.
    A sign on the wall of Eternity.
    No exchanges, no refunds, no pity.... more »