• Sing

    I'm coming home to the One that loved me the most.
    I'm coming home to the One who always held me so close.
    The One that loved me no matter what I did.
    I'm coming home, coming home, coming home.... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I do not know where I am going.
    Sometimes I have no idea where I have been.
    Sometimes life is all about the knowing.
    And I wonder will I ever win.... more »

  • Steps

    I feel your spirit next to me,
    You open my eyes, let me see.
    That I am stronger now,
    I stand proud, you wonder how?... more »

  • Strongest Door

    A solitary soar, a lonely glide,
    I search myself for a place to hide.
    The truth tumbles all around,
    reality smashing my tower of dreams down.... more »

  • The Phone

    Sitting in this crowded room,
    surrounded by faces I know.
    Their words slide by me,
    smiles beckon yet defy me.... more »

  • Wine To Water

    My vision was blurred, distorted.
    Broken by the glass,
    The drink that I was pouring was always going to be my last.
    His hands came down and held me,... more »

  • Words To Paper

    As I wander in my head,
    or should I say wonder there instead.
    Oh nevermind I digress.
    These thoughts that slide left to right,... more »