• Atrocities

    of unfriendly sorts
    machine gun lyrics
    rolled off the tongue... more »

  • Cyclone Fingers

    Cyclone fingers
    black coffee seizure
    can you untie me
    before they find me... more »

  • Fly

    fly me to a place
    where the future is not unknown
    keep the wheels, keep them turnin
    in a mind all but blown... more »

  • Life Story

    the time for recognition
    just flew through my core
    like the tree-sap injustice
    falls heavy to the floor... more »

  • My Everlasting Bride

    the door ahead beckons
    but where does it all lead?
    to you or to me?
    or to somewhere in between?... more »

  • Pills

    i throw myself into flame
    its something i could never explain
    i used to be the one who laughed
    now that its all said and done... more »

  • Remote Phone Paper

    God's call girls know where they lay
    we are all in our own image and
    i have sympathy for the devil
    my collected fictions about nazi women... more »

  • Rust

    i bought a gun
    and threw it into waters murky
    along with something sweet
    nurtured and caressed... more »

  • The Disgrace And The Beauty

    3 days since i saw your face
    3 times your my disgrace
    7 fingers down your back
    and a mind i love to embrace... more »

  • The Man

    22 stories up,
    a man with cruel intentions.
    His morbid face contorts,
    into ugly dimensions.... more »

  • The Wrong Man

    flick goes the board of lawyers
    as the gallows gain extra weight.
    another victim of unfriendly misunderstandings
    of the unpleasant nature.... more »

  • Untitled

    I've been reading
    about how life is eternal
    and how my thoughts are senseless
    I've looked through all my books... more »

  • Untitled 2

    my creative muse
    is laying in bed
    not likely to rise... more »