This isn't my real name i wasn't sure about using my real name on a website I hadn't really been to before. I just write things that are happening at the time in my life. Feel free to honestly tell me what you think of the things i write. good or bad i don't mind


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My mind is a boat on a stormy sea of thoughts
I wish I could find it one of those safe ports
Where life is good and the weather is fine
A place to rest a place to unwind... more »


I thought it was fine when it was just me
Until i found out I was a brother to be
An older sister I had I wanted no more
My heart was not ready I had locked its door... more »


What is it about life that makes us tick
Put a gun to my head, pull the
The chamber is empty just like my soul
These feelings of despair are beyond my control... more »

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