• Clichë

    Baby look into my eyes just one last time
    I want your face to be in my mind
    For if i go to Hell when I die
    At least I will know what an Angel looks like... more »

  • Despair

    What is it about life that makes us tick
    Put a gun to my head, pull the trigger...click
    The chamber is empty just like my soul
    These feelings of despair are beyond my control... more »

  • Mirror Mirror

    Nothing can stop the pain
    Not wood nor metal
    Seven years bad luck
    Blood flows like a river... more »

  • Sister

    I thought it was fine when it was just me
    Until i found out I was a brother to be
    An older sister I had I wanted no more
    My heart was not ready I had locked its door... more »

  • Storm

    My mind is a boat on a stormy sea of thoughts
    I wish I could find it one of those safe ports
    Where life is good and the weather is fine
    A place to rest a place to unwind... more »

  • The Conflict

    When the good guys are fighting a war they can't win
    Evil is ruling the light is so dim
    When you can't see through all the hurt and the hate
    Make the walls high and locked is the gate... more »

  • Three

    I was waiting for the world to swallow me whole
    If life was Hell I had achieved my goal
    The reaper was near he was coming for me
    Then two Angels appeared and set me free... more »

  • Z Is For Zucc

    Oh Zucchini
    You are my McDreamy
    Nothing like Mussolini
    Loved you since I was a teeny... more »