• A Crop Of Think

    Each drop_of ink
    From dry paper rising,

    Is a crop of think... more »

  • An Everything Dada

    Those with something – they can make
    Something out of nothing.
    Nothing always takes something
    To give forth, to yield.... more »

  • An I With Teeth

    Any long-cornered
    I (the loyal subject)
    thinks he, she, or it
    is perfectly womb-welcome.... more »

  • Back Monkeys

    What words should we etch
    On memory’s precious plaques?

    Which monkeys would we willingly stretch... more »

  • Calling All Hard-Liners

    Calling all hard-liners:

    Divulge your honest-to-
    Goodness raison d'etre.... more »

  • Catalytic Umpire

    'Quit yer stallin’ & git movin’! '
    A chiseled ump spits, girthed
    In a chest protector barrel,
    And splits up a stale quarrel... more »

  • Crepescule

    Quale of journeys
    Beyond any journey.
    I feel it in my belly:
    The ownership... more »

  • Exhilarate!

    I briskly scrubbed a barnacled cereal flake
    From my new Dansk bowl when I felt
    Robbed of self.... more »

  • Foia Follies

    Freedom of Information
    Is an Act, not a right.
    It’s fairly tight-fisted.
    You might say unfair.... more »

  • God Milk?

    She’s so wrong.
    God’s not just white –
    It’s white as well.... more »

  • God's Guts

    God is my guts
    And ruts in distant roads.

    God is my bones... more »

  • Grab Bag

    Marketplace value is often found
    Behind the wrinkles of the brown
    Grab bags awaiting fresh owners,
    Pal. You know the onus is yours.... more »

  • Half Its Charm

    Big Theodore Roosevelt wasn’t.
    Men make themselves woozy with want.... more »

  • He’d Be Mr. E

    He’d mean like a man who meant it.
    He’d ask his soul, “Who sent it? ”
    He’d say of this life he’d spent it
    Heeding the narrow gist of “it.”... more »

  • Hobnobbing

    Happenstance begone
    when earners are hell-bent
    on entertaining to entertain
    raise notions.... more »

  • Indumnification


    Who knew they would make us sign
    a new millennium... more »

  • Intelligent Accidents

    That idea is so
    Promethean: grace becomes
    Immorality.... more »

  • Leiko's Itch

    Leiko pretends to brush back her hair,
    Catching the Nikkei news on the JumboScreen,
    Covering stories of worker bees,
    Walling her way to the shopping mall.... more »

  • Line Break Liner Notes

    Our lives, our souls – they're
    Actually down here,
    hard-returned.... more »

  • Maria Yudina

    Smothered in moxie,
    Maria Yudina, portly,
    Deft and incredible,
    Makes the Diabelli Variations... more »

  • Mark Twain Is Plumb Wrong

    [N.B. This poem is a reaction to Mark Twain's notion that '[w]ar talk by men who have been in a war is always interesting; whereas moon talk by a poet who has not been in the moon is likely to be dull.' (source: Bartlett’s Book of Quotations, p.623 §16) .]

    * * * * * * *... more »

  • Misery Myths

    Won’t catch me stalking the prize cattle of Hyperion
    Nor casting baited lines in Ra’s inestimable fishery
    While he steers his fiery bark (a theory on
    This has Ra ever steering and watching) . Misery... more »

  • Modest Watershed

    Modest watershed, these days
    People haven’t yet begun
    Foraging for drink.... more »

  • My Trust

    I like baseball, I must.
    It swats home
    My trust.
    With two outs,... more »

  • Never An Ignorant Bliss

    Putting faux blues to pasture:

    Now’s bad news is
    Ilk. All hell.... more »