• A Baby Asleep After Pain

    As a drenched, drowned bee
    Hangs numb and heavy from a bending flower,
    So clings to me
    My baby, her brown hair brushed with wet tears... more »

  • A Baby Running Barefoot

    When the bare feet of the baby beat across the grass
    The little white feet nod like white flowers in the wind,
    They poise and run like ripples lapping across the water;
    And the sight of their white play among the grass... more »

  • A Love Song

    Reject me not if I should say to you
    I do forget the sounding of your voice,
    I do forget your eyes that searching through
    The mists perceive our marriage, and rejoice.... more »

  • A Passing Bell

    Mournfully to and fro, to and fro the trees are waving;
    What did you say, my dear?
    The rain-bruised leaves are suddenly shaken, as a child
    Asleep still shakes in the clutch of a sob—... more »

  • A Sane Revolution

    If you make a revolution, make it for fun,
    don't make it in ghastly seriousness,
    don't do it in deadly earnest,
    do it for fun.... more »

  • A Spiritual Woman

    Close your eyes, my love, let me make you blind;
    They have taught you to see
    Only a mean arithmetic on the face of things,
    A cunning algebra in the faces of men,... more »

  • A Winter's Tale

    Yesterday the fields were only grey with scattered snow,
    And now the longest grass-leaves hardly emerge;
    Yet her deep footsteps mark the snow, and go
    On towards the pines at the hills’ white verge.... more »

  • A Youth Mowing

    There are four men mowing down by the Isar;
    I can hear the swish of the scythe-strokes, four
    Sharp breaths taken: yea, and I
    Am sorry for what's in store.... more »

  • After Many Days

    I wonder if with you, as it is with me,
    If under your slipping words, that easily flow
    About you as a garment, easily,
    Your violent heart beats to and fro!... more »

  • Afternoon In School The Last Lesson

    When will the bell ring, and end this weariness?
    How long have they tugged the leash, and strained apart
    My pack of unruly hounds: I cannot start... more »

  • Anxiety

    The hoar-frost crumbles in the sun,
    The crisping steam of a train
    Melts in the air, while two black birds
    Sweep past the window again.... more »

  • At The Window

    The pine-trees bend to listen to the autumn wind as it mutters
    Something which sets the black poplars ashake with hysterical laughter;
    While slowly the house of day is closing its eastern shutters.... more »

  • Autumn Sunshine

    THE SUN sets out the autumn crocuses
    And fills them up a pouring measure
    Of death-producing wine, till treasure
    Runs waste down their chalices. ... more »

  • Baby Tortoise

    You know what it is to be born alone,
    Baby tortoise!
    The first day to heave your feet little by little from the shell,
    Not yet awake,... more »

  • Ballad Of Another Ophelia

    Oh the green glimmer of apples in the orchard,
    Lamps in a wash of rain!
    Oh the wet walk of my brown hen through the stackyard,
    Oh tears on the window pane!... more »

  • Bat

    At evening, sitting on this terrace,
    When the sun from the west, beyond Pisa, beyond the mountains of Carrara
    Departs, and the world is taken by surprise ...... more »

  • Bavarian Gentians

    Not every man has gentians in his house
    in Soft September, at slow, Sad Michaelmas.
    Bavarian gentians, big and dark, only dark
    darkening the daytime torchlike with the smoking blueness of Pluto's
    gloom,... more »

  • Beautiful Old Age

    It ought to be lovely to be old
    to be full of the peace that comes of experience
    and wrinkled ripe fulfilment.... more »

  • Bei Hennef

    The little river twittering in the twilght,
    The wan, wandering look of the pale sky.
    This is almost bliss.... more »

  • Belief

    Forever nameless
    Forever unknwon
    Forever unconceived
    Forever unrepresented... more »

  • Birdcage Walk

    When the wind blows her veil
    And uncovers her laughter
    I cease, I turn pale.
    When the wind blows her veil... more »

  • Blue

    The earth again like a ship steams out of the dark sea over
    The edge of the blue, and the sun stands up to see us glide
    Slowly into another day; slowly the rover
    Vessel of darkness takes the rising tide.... more »

  • Brooding Grief

    A yellow leaf from the darkness
    Hops like a frog before me.
    Why should I start and stand still?... more »

  • Brother And Sister

    The shorn moon trembling indistinct on her path,
    Frail as a scar upon the pale blue sky,
    Draws towards the downward slope: some sorrow hath
    Worn her down to the quick, so she faintly fares... more »

  • Butterfly

    Butterfly, the wind blows sea-ward,
    strong beyond the garden-wall!
    Butterfly, why do you settle on my
    shoe, and sip the dirt on my shoe,... more »