• 3 Wishes Of Peace

    I sometimes wish for the pain
    To be cleansed and washed away by rain.
    Sometimes I wish for the sorrow
    Could be exchanged just for happiness, if only it was meant to borrow.... more »

  • A Touch Of Ghostly Emotions

    ... more »

  • Artemis And The Wolf

    You wish not to see
    the pain of another like me,
    in the end though, you have an empathy.
    You're like me and I'm like you... more »

  • Batman

    You've always had a reason
    for every mistake you made through the seasons.
    All was said and done,
    but by mistake, don't blame yourself.... more »

  • Beauty In The Beast

    I've seen no nightmare in
    A dream full of clouds and sea.
    The wickedness of man is a great sin
    For any man who lays beside a beauty they see.... more »

  • Confused

    I care less about what
    Crimes you thought I commit.
    But I am guilty of nothing,
    I am innocent to blood and bone.... more »

  • Drunken Memory

    I can barely see the face of this stranger
    Since it's nothing but a blur and slur
    I've grown to be stubborn and arrogant
    Yet, I take pleasure in a pretty face... more »

  • Hell

    Having an unbearable nightmare,
    No, not one, but countless!
    I found myself in hell; the pit of fire,
    I screamed at the top of my lungs, useless.... more »

  • I'Ll Stand Tall

    As dark as it was thinking about my past,
    I've wished my pain away and made it my last.
    How far would I go without going fast?
    I'd go as far as I could, even if my heart's smashed.... more »

  • My Hands

    Alas! The hour of man
    Stands before a woman!
    Power lies within,
    Let love take control.... more »

  • Risk It And Believe

    Usually, I see what you see
    Through your eyes, hearts and diamonds.
    But what you feel is reality,
    Broken glass, torn paper, and the name Raymond.... more »

  • Say No More

    ... more »

  • She Who Dreams

    All your life, you've dreamed
    To see the love never felt
    In forever like the centuries
    That passed by as time clicked.... more »

  • The Dove's Love Flowers

    My heart is known to be fragile like or as a flower,
    So fragile that it only has love's power.
    If one loves his or her enemy high as a tower,
    We back away from a fight but still they call it a cower.... more »

  • The Golden Rose

    We search and look for something rare,
    We wish and want for what's not there.
    That something with beauty, an item that's fair,
    Touched by the sun and handled with care.... more »

  • The Mirror And I

    I look at myself in the mirror
    While my lonely and painful times come nearer.
    Each fragment of my heart is a broken glass,
    With no chance of being in the middle, I'm in the lower class.... more »

  • Those Lips, Those Hands

    I dream of her, I long for her,
    That sweet smile and voice.
    She is different and that, I'll treasure,
    I like different, I love her, then rejoice!... more »

  • Trials And Tribulations

    On my behalf, I swear
    To be humble as the tree,
    But proud like a lion;
    The alpha of my kin.... more »

  • Waiting On A Gentleman

    You ain't never seen or heard
    a guy like me,
    I know how to love you, word,
    but you're shy like me.... more »

  • What Hides Behind

    What hides behind my smile is sadness,
    I crave to get rid of my own madness.
    I've had enough of us fighting,
    But I will not stop writing.... more »

  • When You Feel Alone

    And when you're on your own.
    I'll be by your side,
    You can't run, you can't hide.... more »

  • You'Re My Angel

    You're my angel and always will be,
    Would you believe me if I told you, you meant a lot to me?
    You give light when I'm in the dark and can't see,
    You make me feel enlightened like a bird that's free.... more »