• Waiting For Waiting's Sake

    Waiting is more of a feeling than a state or being
    When you wait it's not really time spent that weighs on you
    IT's really the purpose or reason and the place you wait too
    Waiting never is waiting even when it's 5 or 10 or 20 hours or more... more »

  • Watch Him Twitch

    freaking out.....about time i got a gun
    freaking out....about time u started to run....
    closer....closer....closer to what...
    freaking out..... the long knife ready to cut... more »

  • We Live We Breathe We Thrive

    We live.....we breathe! and thrive
    everyone lets dive!
    head first straight in if this is our life lets live lets make a name
    this is not all fun and games... more »

  • What A Scary Thing

    It is quite a fearful thing
    When you're in the presence of the King
    What a scary event
    When you realize this body is just a tent... more »

  • What If It's Just A Feeling?

    What if it's just a feeling and nothing more
    just a feeling that's never penetrated to the core
    and what shall i do if my love is superficial
    how shall I act if i find it's not official... more »

  • What Is Said

    How could I ever tell you how important what you say
    can be
    that the words of any man in a day
    can affect a life, millions, or even me... more »

  • What's My Name? !

    What is my name and who am I?
    I do not ask myself
    But you
    Who... more »

  • Who I Really Am

    Fingers dash across keys, type, type, type
    Awkwardly from one key to the next, I told myself I wouldn't write
    The computer, the ginger tea, the black text in a sea of white
    They subside... more »

  • Who To Know

    So many people, from so many places
    Could you know them all?
    Would you want to?
    Who are my friends, which ones do I keep can I know them all... more »

  • Why Don'T Ya Go?

    Get away... get away
    Don't bother me today
    I don't wanna hear
    It... not here... more »

  • Wise

    I don't want to make a mistake
    But I desperately want to be with her for my sake
    I believe that wisdom beckons me turn
    But I deserve to move forward, I did not learn... more »

  • Words

    Weird... more »

  • Words Of An Open Book

    Its been long enough
    over the years my spine has grown tough
    pages fading wishing they would go away
    wishing i would be closed for just a day... more »

  • Words, Reasons, Even Purposes My Dear

    how beautiful it is to have a mastery of words to just be able
    to talk so sophisticated at to inspire or so simple as to convey a simple fable
    tis a state of being i wish to achieve
    and i wish to receive more knowledge...... more »

  • Worlds Apart

    somewhere behind the wall an the glass, my barrier
    I can still see her
    it's not just the physical distance
    it's the invisible wall of my circumstance... more »

  • Would Ya Stand (Revised Edition)

    on that day a question came by
    surrounded by the blue sky
    i held your hand in mine
    i knelt down as the wind felt just fine... more »

  • Would You?

    If you were in the same situation... would you?
    If you had the power to control the world
    The chance to mold
    It, to make it bend to your will... more »

  • Wounds, Fears, Tears, And Redemption

    I'll return to the place I feel safe
    But that place is unsafe
    It's a place of control
    Where I console... more »

  • You Can'T Run

    Don't bother trying to get away
    Because God made you for me... and here I'll stay
    You can try to run
    But there's nowhere under the sun... more »

  • You Had Every Reason To Leave

    why did you stay just from my words and the magic ones i love you
    why did you love me too
    what did i do?
    why would you be willing to stand by me throuhg pain... more »

  • You Might Actually Care

    So many times my heart leans over
    Psst David, look, she's pretty, she's nice, she could be your lover
    So many times Heart tells me how great she is
    Heart prods me: 'Hey what if that your first kiss '... more »

  • You Think You Pain Naive So Naive

    you want pain fall in love see what happens
    in fact ignore your love try and move on anwyways
    see how you feel then
    you ready darkness surround you... more »