• Now I See 'We' When I Close My Eyes

    Close your eyes with me and we'll fly away
    We can be together for a day
    Or two or forever
    Our love even the world cannot sever... more »

  • Now It's More Than Seven

    So maybe I thought that I could be satisfied
    I assure you, I tried
    But my heart would not corporate
    Even though I have yet to even recuperate... more »

  • Now It's My Turn

    You've convinced me to deny who I am
    Told me that I couldn't do it
    When I figured out that I could you threw me into a pit
    Of self pity and self insult, fed me your lies that my talent wasn't there... more »

  • Nowhere To Hide

    You might not understand the way I write because I write for me
    This is my selfish exploit, my medicine, for the acid-
    This is how I choose to drown my sorrows, I hid them, quid
    In a sea of deeper sorrow, that goes deeper still... can't you see... more »

  • O Star!

    o star, how i love you
    o star, won't you love me too
    o star, you say who am i and i say am i but we both know who we are
    o star, just as you know me i know you... more »

  • Old Feeling

    I have talked how my nostalgia kills me
    but how... what is it like? do i die happily?
    the questions of old feelings for girls and friends
    are like a cancer... and in the silence... more »

  • Old Time

    can one just do whatever one wants?
    even if that was true how does one find one's own will?
    the heart is so deceitful who doesn't succumb to taunts
    to peer pressure, it get us all, first to win first to fall... more »

  • Open Book's Monologue (Revisited The Years Later Portion Of Part 16)

    Maybe I'm the book, and maybe you're the reader
    but who is you? is it not everyone
    since I'm open, for all to point at laugh at, out of malice or for fun
    because they know my thoughts, they know i love her? !... more »

  • Open Book's Monologue Part 2: Perpetual

    Irrevocable... more »

  • Open Book's Monologue Part 3: My Lie

    Maybe a lie was told
    Believed by all of you now old
    If you read the open book
    You'd see... more »

  • Open Book's Monologue Part 4 Bookkeeping

    Regular written books or a regular written novel
    Could sell
    But each copy would essentially be the same
    And the words stagnant, unable to change, in a sense lame... more »

  • Open Book's Monologue Part 5: Welcome To The Library!

    Welcome to the library! come one come all
    Welcome to the library! come with your brethren on this wall
    Welcome to the library! come all you books tattered or new
    Welcome to the library! come tired and overdue... more »

  • Other Lives

    It's just relaxing sometimes to watch others
    with all your friends, relatives, and mothers
    not worry about living my life with each care
    but watching others, through love, betrayal, death and dare... more »

  • Over

    one over the horizion
    one over the ridge take a look a long good look
    just look and see a smidge
    of trouble just ahead over head just before you took... more »

  • Peer Pressure, Identity, And Acceptance

    Just not fitting in
    Where's those people?
    Is there anyone like me?
    Am I supposed to be like them?... more »

  • Pensive About This Cage Thats Me

    do i have your permission
    not yet o i see im in complete submission
    my mission not to die
    condemned never to fly... more »

  • Poem Propogated By Name And Song

    matter it does not and ah i see
    that you just like me
    serj tanikan as well
    since you have his song about have we fell... more »

  • Prediction Friction

    Let me be the first to say that no one can always be right
    But we all have expectations
    We muse about how things might turn out
    We don't have foresight but everyone tries anyways... more »

  • Price Tag

    What is a sacrifice that does not cost you anything
    Is it really giving something up when it's unimportant?

    What I've learned is that sacrifices have a cost... more »

  • Profound

    I'm not speechless, because, look, I have so much to say
    But I'm astonished, surprised, and more
    This is not a chore
    I'm excited to remind you, remind you of that day... more »

  • Prophetic Medic

    Ashes flying everywhere
    A swirl of dust
    The leaves fly to and fro completely lost in the torrent of wind
    A coldness is shattered by flames of royalty... more »

  • Rawr

    rawr means im in a fight
    rawr means ive stopped my flight
    rawr means im not sure whats right
    who do i fight when i yell rawr... more »

  • Real (Love)

    well lets see
    now its just you me
    we are here... more »

  • Refine

    Make it divine
    Each impurity
    Is a part of me... more »

  • Response: I Will Follow You

    </>I wasn't gonna write
    I didn't plan on losing this internal fight
    I really thought I couldn't handle what I could become
    I still don't, but it's in those times of greatest pain... more »