• Hand In Hand

    walking in this forest
    hand in hand
    the twilight drawing near
    the trees begin to swallow us... more »

  • Mutiny!

    Up there the weather is cold and damp. Beneath the rafters it's warm
    and feels like home. You can feel the cool ocean spray against your face as
    the waves splash against the starboard side. The salty smell of the
    ocean waters bombard your senses like the mutiny that is bound to... more »

  • Paradise.

    Where the water is so clear you can see straight to the bottom. Where
    the sand is so white you'd think it was snow. Where hate knows no
    boundaries and love breaks all the rules. Where lies hurt, and the... more »

  • Shrouded In Lies

    As I gaze outside
    My eyes deceive me
    They only see what I want
    To believe..... more »

  • Star Of Lies

    I look to the stars
    in the sky, for
    the answers I so
    desire. I ask all the... more »

  • Uncharted.

    I acknowledge that these are uncharted waters there are risks but I
    think there is a way to repair your daughters heart. To repair what was once
    thought unrepairable. To mend those that are many. To mend those that
    are so precious. To mend those that we wish to hold on to. Those... more »

  • Untitled

    and try not to blink
    because just like that
    it could it be over... more »