David KUSH Quotes

Sometime we live a dream While other times We dream to live
reflection of my life
All answers have questions But All questions don't have Answers
life in general
If I didn't believe Tomorrow could be The game changer I would of given up Yesterday
Hope In every new day
Depression is The real person you are Is locked inside the person You're not Fighting like hell To get out To live life Again
Been there
No matter how old I get The past doesn't Get any Farther away
Another year passing
I woke up his Morning And thanked God I'm alive But I just Realized How can I Be sure For I have never Been dead Or am I
What is life really
Some people See as What we Were Not who we Are
Losing track of someone for years
In taking Years To learn life's Secrets I'm now to Old To use Them
Cruelty of life