• June 11

    It's my birtday I've got an empty
    stomach and the desire to be
    lazy in the hammock and maybe
    go for a cool swim on a hot day... more »

  • June 19

    What is it about the Abyss
    that tempts the young poet to kiss
    the air and head for the nearest cliff? This
    unreasonable attachment to the bliss... more »

  • June 6

    No two are identical though
    they begin from the same
    point in time the same point in
    the dream when the radio shuts... more »

  • March 1

    I could stare for hours
    at her, the woman stepping
    out of her bath, breasts
    bare, towel around her waist,... more »

  • March 30

    Eighty-one degrees a record high for the day
    which is not my birthday but will do until
    the eleventh of June comes around and I know
    what I want: a wide-brimmed Panama hat... more »

  • Maximism

    What I propose is not
    Marxism, which
    is not dead yet in
    the English department,... more »

  • May 26

    In Rotterdam I'm
    going to speak about
    the state of poetry
    on a panel with a Pole... more »

  • May 8

    700 francs will get you $109.91
    on this muggy May afternoon
    which is good to know since
    I just found 700 francs in my wallet... more »

  • Ninth Inning

    He woke up in New York City on Valentine's Day,
    Speeding. The body in the booth next to his was still warm,
    Was gone. He had bought her a sweater, a box of chocolate
    Said her life wasn't working he looked stricken she said... more »

  • November 6

    Remember when Khrushchev said
    "We will bury you!"
    on the cover
    of Time... more »

  • October 12

    My bag was missing at the airport
    "Just one bag?" "Yes, but it meant a lot to me"
    I had seen the bartender before, but where?
    "You didn't tell me you had been to Oxford"... more »

  • October 16

    What can you say about the Mets
    down three games to none
    one run down with six outs to go
    Cedeno singles steals second Mora walks... more »

  • Ode To Modern Art

    Come on in and stay a while
    I'll photograph you emerging from the revolving door
    like Frank O'Hara dating the muse of modern art
    Talking about the big Pollock show is better... more »

  • Ode To Pornography

    If you could write down the words
    moving through a man's mind as
    he masturbates you'd have a quick
    bonus bonk read, I used to think.... more »

  • Operation Memory

    We were smoking some of this knockout weed when
    Operation Memory was announced. To his separate bed
    Each soldier went, counting backwards from a hundred
    With a needle in his arm. And there I was, in the middle... more »

  • Pc

    for Aaron Fogel

    personal computers... more »

  • September 22

    It's the day of the ram
    and the head of the year
    Rosh Ha'Shanah at
    services I sat next to... more »

  • Sestina

    for Jim Cummins

    In Iowa, Jim dreamed that Della Street was Anne Sexton's
    twin. Dave drew a comic strip called the "Adventures of Whitman,"... more »

  • Sexism

    The happiest moment in a woman's life
    Is when she hears the turn of her lover's key
    In the lock, and pretends to be asleep
    When he enters the room, trying to be... more »

  • Shake The Superflux!

    I like walking on streets as black and wet as this one
    now, at two in the solemnly musical morning, when everyone else
    in this town emptied of Lestrygonians and Lotus-eaters
    is asleep or trying or worrying why... more »

  • Tenth Commandment

    The woman said yes she would go to Australia with him
    Unless he heard wrong and she said Argentina
    Where they could learn the tango and pursue the widows
    Of Nazi war criminals unrepentant to the end.... more »

  • The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke

    Can't swim; uses credit cards and pills to combat
    intolerable feelings of inadequacy;
    Won't admit his dread of boredom, chief impulse behind
    numerous marital infidelities;... more »

  • The Gift

    "He gave her class. She gave him sex."
    -- Katharine Hepburn on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

    He gave her money. She gave him head.... more »

  • The Left Bank

    Don't walk away, Renee,
    I'm just getting warmed up
    your body is like a river
    and I'm going to swim across... more »

  • The Lift

    The wonderful thing
    about being with
    you in this hotel
    lift in London full... more »