David MaxOptimism Biography

Born in February,1958, MaxOptimism, David was reared in the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s city of
Pascagoula. His elementary educational achievement was, governed and quizzed by segregation, filled with
childhood imagination, and cautious utterance, of a little color boy casted by differentiated boundaries. His
enlistment in the United States Army unpinned, and fed, his rambunctious quirkiness. The army provided a
platform that gave rise to his enjoyment of writing; poetry his literary caviar.
He lived in Monterey, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo counties of California where he held, for a
number of years, a California Real Estate license, and is now as enactive member of the Screen Actors Guild.
During his active membership he was cast in a variety of television shows, and feature films. Tho only briefly married, he loved passionately the women who shared settled moments in his life.
Now residing on the Southeast Coast where he self-published a book of poetry, and retired from the
federal civil service. It is my sincere hope that the reader relate the following piece, as I…

‘Lord reach me your majestic wing,
cuddle me in it’s glorious span,
flutter me divine’s wind, and seek
me at my sins end,
there my Lord render me anew again…

at my sins end
soar me to Eden’s place, paradise,
in this place reveal me my spirit’s grace
I’ve lived to long without knowing its face…
my spirit’s grace,

reach me, my Lord, your majestic wing
oar me with it’s soar… ’