David Musoke Poems

Beacon Of Hope

Eyes clouded in darkness, alone he stands
Steel swords ravage his body but alas it still hasn't shone
Kinsmen scream in agony names of loved ones
His knees weaken as life's essence drips onto his muddy boots... more »

Fade To Black

Why do your memories still haunt my waking dreams?
If I sleep in darkness will I still dream of the light?
Daily my heart is rent by memories of the future that is not
Lurking in the shadows of your happiness I hide behind the mask that you have given me... more »

The Flower Of War

Shackled by fate, his sword grows heavier in his hands
Cries of his kinsmen fill the night air as death shows his hand
A tear of regret drops on its soft petals as he is taunted by shadows of despair and whispers of silence
She was always before him even as chaos overtook their world... more »

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Toni jr 21 Jan 2019 02:58
I love the Authenticity.....keep it up