I enjoy writing fictional stories and write a bit of poetry. I also like sword play and other martial arts. I listen to a variety of music, mostly hard rock and heavy metal.


David N. Degnan Poems

A Night Sky...

As night comes to pass
over my home, my land,
I find myself here,
Alone I stand.... more »

Special Dedications

You have left this world,
But not our minds.
Nor our hearts
Where we can find... more »


Wandering through my days,
I long for something else.
Be it love? Freedom?
Tis self-fulfillment... more »

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Jerry Hughes 31 Aug 2007 01:41
David, you've obviously inherited your mothers talent with words so the only advice I offer is this. Write from the heart as you're doing now, but learn to edit from the head at same time. Self criticism is hard but rewarding. You're lucky to have a wonderfully talented mother, listen to her, learn from her, above all love her with all your heart...