• Childhood Winter

    I look out of my window and
    Watch the snowflakes fall
    Turning Autumn into winter as
    They cover the grassy floor... more »

  • Christmas Eve

    As I lie in my bed I hear a
    Of jingle bells playing all
    Around... more »

  • Christmastide

    Though winter brings us snow and ice
    it brings us Christmas too,
    A time of year that we all love
    when there's so much to do.... more »

  • Damaged Teddy Bear

    In a toy shop high on a shelf
    I sat as days went by
    Watching all my friends be bought
    As Christmas Eve drew nigh.... more »

  • Rudolf

    Santa, though you live so far
    I would love to visit you one
    day... more »

  • Santa

    Dear Santa is it true that you can
    In Rudolf's sleigh up in the
    sky,... more »

  • The Christmas Fairy

    It's so dark inside the box
    where I live most of every year,
    But I'm always so excited
    when December time draws near.... more »

  • The Snowman

    When my life begins so way up high
    And I float to you from the sky,
    How can you tell it's really me
    For only flakes of snow you see.... more »

  • The Wintery Park

    O're the ground fresh snow lays thick
    No footprints can you see
    So new the snow no one has trod
    Not even you or me... more »