David Ritter Biography

Many of my poems chronicle a lifelong struggle with the ups and downs of everyday life. Many writing’s have a personal significance, others are only an idea I came up with. Sometimes I prefer not to reveal the difference, leaving the reader to come to their own conclusion. This is a warning, not to assume that all my writings pertain to my life personally. Most of my poems rhyme because I like the challenge and are simply more fun. They are direct, full of a variety of emotions, and have a message or meaning of social significance that most common folk can understand and relate too. I would much rather touch someone’s heart than their brain, rather than use imagery with the flowery words and metaphors that most people don't understand. That’s not to say I don't use these tools, but that I try to keep it simple, in hopes to reach out and touch more people. These poems, quite frankly, describe the beliefs and feelings of one man about a world that was and at times still easy, hard, sad, happy, fair, unfair, kind, evil, lovely and full of hatred. If you enjoy reading poems, short stories, jokes and watching videos, join my blog at myspace.... blogs.myspace.com/david_ritter67 or visit www.poetrypoem.com/ritter1116