• Mean Halloween

    Concerned, I said 'yes.'
    I hung up the phone.
    This Halloween night
    I would be alone.... more »

  • My Best Friend

    I want you to meet my best friend.
    I've known him for many a year,
    and his love for me knows no end,
    with strength like that whom shall I fear?... more »

  • My Precious Daughter (Revised)

    Sitting here all alone
    thinking, just how much you've grown
    You're growing up, you're almost two
    My joy the first time holding you... more »

  • Springtime Cheer

    Of all the seasons in the year
    Springs the one that makes me cheer

    For longer days and a brighter sun... more »

  • Surpreme Mercy And Grace

    We have all betrayed the Lord
    in our lives at various times
    But the secret is to admit our sin
    When the convicting Holy Spirit shines... more »

  • The Hustle

    There once was a man,
    who loved to play pool.
    They called him 'Sure Shot.'
    He thought he was cool.... more »

  • The Kind Man (Story Poem)

    Joe sat in his gloomy dark cell,
    staring at the black walls of stone.
    When a recurring thought of her,
    reminded him he was alone.... more »

  • Unwanted Love

    I rest here in my mommy's womb,
    a home I'm pleased I found.
    Unaware of a coming doom,
    I'm sleeping safe and sound.... more »

  • Upon My Death Bed

    If I'm unable to write again,
    for this doomed world will soon pass me by,
    I feel impelled to pen a few lines,
    that may fall under your teary eye.... more »

  • What Am I To Do?

    My sweet Jesus I call out to you.
    Oh sweet Jesus what am I to do?
    If ever I needed you now is the time.
    Search my heart I'm sure you will find.... more »